Thinly Veiled Threats

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NeutralThinly Veiled Threats
Start Aurore
End Aurore
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Type Group
Category Suramar
Experience 16450
Reputation +50 The Nightfallen
Rewards  [Titan-Forged Locket]
19g 40s
Previous N [110] Either With Us
Next N [110] Vote of Confidence


Rescue Ailen Astravar.

  • Rescue Ailen


How could I let this happen?

<Aurore wrings her hands.>

Yesterday Coryn Stelleris approached me about the appointment. He sought my support, but I did not offer it.

He said my son's life would continue as normal... if I gave him my vote.

This morning my son was gone.

I can only think of the terrible things he may be suffering. You know what this family is capable of!

You want my support, but I can do nothing while my son is in danger. Nothing.

Please... save him!


You will receive: 19g 40s
Inv offhand 1h draenorraid d 02.png [Titan-Forged Locket]


Did you find my son?


He is unharmed! I owe you- and Ly'leth- a great debt.



Upon freeing Ailen:

Ailen Astravar says: I think they meant to kill me! I am getting off this infernal ship! I will return to my mother at once.

On completion:

Aurore says: You are not leaving my sight until an advisor is appointed. Promise me!
Ailen says: Yes, mother.
Aurore turns to you.
Aurore says: Thank you. Do let Ly'leth know that I stand with her.


  1. N [110] The Perfect Opportunity
  2. Complete all of:
    • House Astravar
    1. N [110] Either With Us
    2. N [110G] Thinly Veiled Threats
    3. N [110] Vote of Confidence
    • Arluin
    1. N [110] Or Against Us
    2. N [110] Death Becomes Him
    3. N [110G] Rumor Has It
  3. N [110] In the Bag
  4. N [110] Ly'leth's Champion (grants Statecraft achievement credit)
  5. N [110] Friends With Benefits
  6. N [110D] The Arcway: Opening the Arcway & N [110D] Court of Stars: Beware the Fury of a Patient Elf & N [110D] The Arcway: Long Buried Knowledge

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