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Third Fleet departing for the Battle for Lordaeron

Third Fleet departing for the Battle for Broken Shore

The Third Fleet[1] (also spelled third fleet)[2][3] is one of the fleets of the Alliance navy. It is made up of several battleships escorted by Stormwind gryphon riders, Alliance gryphon riders and Gnomeregan gyrocopters. They transport infantry, recruits and champions ready for battle. It also includes at least two gunships, the Sword of Dawn and an unnamed one.

The Third Fleet took part in the Battle for Broken Shore during the third invasion of the Burning Legion. King Varian Wrynn and his Stormwind Fleet led the first wave of assault,[4] which united with forces of the Horde. The Third Fleet then followed to reinforce them, but even with these large numbers, the battle proved a disaster for both factions, who suffered extremely heavy casualties.

After the War of the Thorns, the Alliance prepared the Third Fleet once more and launched a full-scale invasion of Tirisfal known as the Battle for Lordaeron.[1]

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Sword of Dawn
Unnamed battleship

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