VenthyrThird Talon Vartox
Start Draka
End Draka
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Venthyr Campaign
Experience 11,800
Rewards  [Tithe Collector's Vessel]
51g 48s
Previous N [60] Stonevigil Unrest
Next N [60] After Them!


Third Talon Vartox
The Tithelord's head stoneborn. She is leading the targeted oppression of Stonevigil Overlook.

Kill Third Talon Vartox.


This "win the spirit of the people" operation is noble and good.

However, we must set our sights on cutting down our foe's tools. Third Talon Vartox, the leader of this incursion, also serves as the top stoneborn at the Tithelord's estate.

If we strike her down here, the Tithelord will be left exposed for our attack.


You will receive:


Is Vartox dealt with?


Excellent. Now he is left without his key defense.


Upon entering the crypt
Stonevigil Citizen says: General, you ask for more than we have. We have nothing left to give.
Third Talon Vartox says: Then are of no use to me.
She then kills the venthyr.
Third Talon Vartox says: Interlopers! Die by my fist!

During the fight, Draka appears to assist the player.

Baroness Draka says: Time to pay the ultimate price!
Third Talon Vartox says: Defeated... by a mortal?
Baroness Draka says: Pathetic. She would barely pass muster as a Maldraxxi foot soldier!
Baroness Draka says: I will meet you back at Renathal's location.


  1. N [60] Stonevigil Unrest
  2. N [60] An Unwelcome Incursion, N [60] Fangs and Minds, N [60] Third Talon Vartox, N [60] Disrupting the Chain
  3. N [60] After Them!
  4. N [60] To the Estate
  5. N [60] The Tithelord

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