AllianceThis Time, Leave a Trail
Start Princess Tess Greymane
End Lord Jorach Ravenholdt[76.8, 39.8]
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Rogue Campaign
Experience 20,560
Rewards 38g 80s
Previous B Rogue [45] Rise Up
Next N Rogue [45] Meld Into the Shadows
For the Horde version of this quest, see H Rogue [45] This Time, Leave a Trail.


Rappel down into the cave, then follow Tess's instructions.

  • Rappel used
  • Fel-Infused Gunpowder Cache picked up
  • Felfire Explosives placed (4)
  • Gunpowder lit


Are you ready, Shadowblade? I will walk you through every step of the plan. You'll be perfectly safe! First thing's first: You see that rappel point behind me? That's your way down into the cave. Good luck!


That couldn't have gone better if I had done it myself. Good work, Shadowblade.


You will receive: 38g 80s



On Accept

Princess Tess Greymane says: Use the rappel point to drop into the cave. I'll relay further instructions then.

On Rappel

Princess Tess Greymane says: At the bottom, you'll find the cache of gunpowder you previously acquired. You'll want to pick that up
Princess Tess Greymane says: Also, it's best to not be seen in here. These demons are brutal!

On pickup

Princess Tess Greymane says: Good--that trail of powder left in your wake will come in handy. Now to work your way out of the cave.
Princess Tess Greymane says: On your way, you'll want to drop extra explosives. Wouldn't want to disappoint Tethys now, would we?

Stealth close to explosive by the demons

Gerax'rul says: The eve of our attack is nigh. Have you summoned the forces?
Barshagax says: I will notify the sommoners shortly. They will open the portals on my word only.
Drak'thezzar says: Good... once they are through, the foolish "Legionfall Offensive" will stand no chance. Their demise shall be delivered.

When placed last explosive

Princess Tess Greymane says: You've almost done it! Now get out of there and light the powder with the match Tethys gave you.
Princess Tess Greymane

After lit the Gunpowder

Fleet Admiral Tethys says: *sniff* That was... right beautiful, matey.


  1. B Rogue [45] The Pirate's Bay
  2. Complete all of:
  3. N Rogue [45] Fit For a Pirate
  4. B Rogue [45] Jorach's Calling
  5. N Rogue [45] A Bit of Espionage
  6. B Rogue [45] Rise Up
  7. B Rogue [45] This Time, Leave a Trail
  8. N Rogue [45] Meld Into the Shadows
  9. A Rogue [45] Champion: Tess Greymane / H [45] Champion: Lilian Voss

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