This is my Runeblade...

This is my Runeblade... is a book found in the Heart of Acherus in the Scarlet Enclave.[47.5, 31.3]


This is my Runeblade...

This is my Runeblade: There Are Many Like It But This One Is Mine
By Lady Blaumeux

Greetings, death knight. By now, Instructor Razuvious has likely begun teaching you the first lessons of what it means to be a death knight. Allow me to begin your instruction on what is perhaps the most guarded treasure in a death knight's possession; the runeblade.

Without your hand to guide it, your runeblade is but a hollow shell. Separate, you are both broken entities; weak and powerless. Should you ever find yourself without possession of a runeblade, know then that your only task should be the acquisition of another with all due haste.

As a death knight, it is through your runeblade that your will shall be imposed on all who dare resist the Lich King. For just as you, young death knight are the extension through which the Lich King imposes his will, so is your runeblade the instrument that has been granted the honor in delivering this authority. Of this authority, understand these principles:

1.) United, your runeblade becomes an extension of your very body. And your body belongs to the Lich King.

2.) As one, your runeblade becomes your will manifest in physical form. And your will is that of the Lich King.

3.) Together, your runeblade becomes the vein through which death itself is delivered to your soul. And your soul shall deliver the will of the Lich King.

Through the course of your training, you may find yourself compelled to focus upon some of the different disciplines of study available to our kind. On this matter I can only say this; all are worthy of study and to neglect some at the cost of others is a foolish pride that I have seen cost other, less capable death knights in battle their lives.

It is likely that some of you may soon find your runeblade to be a particularly potent object through which to channel your own fury. However, this is not enough. Do not be content to believe that your runeblade is simply a mere tool to focus one's meditation. No, it is far more than that. The most powerful of our kind have been able to command the power of their blade with but a simple extension of their will. Together they fight, of singular mind, body, and purpose to crush any foolish enough to stand in their way.

Others may find that their blade responds most eagerly when infused with the power of an icy chill. In this way, even the sharpest of runeblades will find themselves made even more potent. The same power that permeates our glorious citadel of Icecrown is yours to command, death knight. Should you choose to master this discipline, there shall be no escape for your enemies, as they find their actions slowed and made impossible by the cold.

Still others may find their true calling in mastering the power of their blades to bring about disease and plague in crushing our enemies. This too is a specialty unique to our kind and worthy of pursuit. The mightiest of defenses may seem impregnable at first, yet for every defense therein lies the weakness that it is covering. It is simply a matter of uncovering it. Never forget, death knight, that it was not an army, but a plague that brought about the destruction of Lordaeron.


This book's title is based on the Rifleman's Creed.

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