Thislefur Village.jpg
Main leader IconSmall DireFurbolg.gif Dal Bloodclaw
Race(s) Furbolg Furbolg
Character classes Warrior, Shaman, Hunter, Druid
Capital Thistlefur Hold
Base of operations Thistlefur Village
Theater of operations Ashenvale
Language(s) Furbolg
Status Active

The Thistlefur tribe (or the Thistlefur Clan)[1] are a tribe of hostile corrupted furbolgs who reside in Ashenvale. They reside primarily in Thistlefur Hold in the westcentral area of Ashenvale and in Thistlefur Village to its south. They are viewed as a annoyance by the Horde since their village blocks the way to Splintertree Post, giving the Alliance an extra expansion path. They were corrupted by the Idol of Remulos until it was cleansed by Broll Bearmantle, thus freeing them from its corruption.

This freedom did not last long. The night elves fought that a group of Thistlefur furbolgs killed a group of Darkspear trolls traveling to Zoram'Gar and stole their troll charms.[2] Vear Darksnout claims that the trolls gave the charms as a token of a friendship. As troll charms are dangerous for non-trolls this corrupted the furbolgs again. Eventually the Night Elves and their worgen allies removed the troll charms, hoping that the Thistlefur would learn not to steal objects of power that don't belong to them.[3]

Conflicting stories

While the troll Mitsuwa and the worgen Hephaestus Pilgrim both say the Thistlefur stole the Troll charms from the Darkspear, the former even sending begging adventurers to recover the troll charms.[2][3] However, the furbolg Vear Darksnout says that the trolls tricked the tribe into accepting the charms under the pretense of them being a gift.

With these conflicting stories the truth about how the Thistlefur became uncorrupted is currently unknown as Vear Darksnout could be mistaken and Mitsuwa and Hephaestus Pilgrim could be acting under faulty intelligence.



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