HordeThomas Zelling
Image of Thomas Zelling
Gender Male
Race(s) Forsaken
(formerly human) (Humanoid)
Level 50
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Forsaken, Horde
Former affiliation(s) Tidesages, Kul Tiras
Location Various
Status Deceased[1]
Relative(s) Julia (wife),
Hannah, Matthew (children)

Thomas Zelling when he was alive.

Thomas, Nathanos, Amalia, and Owings in Plunder Harbor.

On the Banshee's Wail.

Thomas summoning the  [Abyssal Scepter].

Thomas Zelling was a human tidesage of Kul Tiras that was sick and about to die before he made a pact with the Forsaken: they would raise him as an undead and he would help the Horde as long as his still-living family would be protected.[2][3] As a tidesage, he turned to the Void to try to cure his disease[4] with the  [Book of Forbidden Magics] that was confiscated by Commander Augustine.[5] However, he still considers the N'Zoth and Queen Azshara aligned tidesages lost, no longer tidesages, and to have submitted themselves to powers they do not understand and have hurt Kul Tirans, hurting the name of the tidesages.[6][7]

He helped the Horde find the wreck of the Kul Tiran Third Fleet, where they found the bodies of Marshal M. Valentine and Derek Proudmoore. When the Alliance subsequently infiltrated the Banshee's Wail, he summoned a water barrier in the middle deck, protecting Tattersail and several deckhands.[8] He then went outside and used his power to summon a water barrier around the whole ship.[9] Afterwards he helped the Horde obtain the  [Abyssal Scepter].[10][11]

Zelling felt the coerced undeath and brainwashing of Derek Proudmoore was an atrocity, and so he helped Baine Bloodhoof smuggle Derek back to Jaina Proudmoore.[12] Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner discovered Zelling's involvement in Baine's plot however, and publicly ordered his execution during a public convention of the Horde's leadership to send a message that disloyalty to her won't be tolerated.[1]


  • Ability ironmaidens convulsiveshadows.png  Abyssal Bolt
  • Spell priest void blast.png  Void Orb — Summons an orb of void energy that inflicts Shadow damage to all enemies in its path.
Norwington Estate




  • This place is my only home.
  • My family will be safe, no matter what.
  • I will help the Horde, as they helped me.
  • You DO know I was a tidesage, right? Command lightning, control the sea? Just checking.
  • This is not how I imagined life after death would be.
  • Everyone always asks me to calm the storms, change the currents, but no one ever asks me to sit down and have a nice chat.
  • Enjoy what you have.
  • Do not take this life for granted.
  • Never forget what is precious to you.


Stormsong Valley

I refuse to let my life end here from some... disease. I must live on to keep my family safe.

Banshee's Wail

I will do all I can to aid the Forsaken's cause.

Gossip How has your transition been, Zelling?

I'm not sure if... I still haven't...

This isn't easy <Name>.

Miss Voss adviced me to focus on the task at hand. She says proving my worth to the Blightcaller is the best way to keep my family safe.

My family...

Gossip They are still in your thoughts.

They are EVERYTHING to me!

I... I realize they don't want me in their lives anymore. But that could change!

Once they realize it's me, that I still love them, I know they will... they will...

I... I...

Gossip Focus, Brother Zelling!

Yes, focus. Task at hand. Please the Blightcaller. Keep them safe.

I must be about my work, <name>.

Plunder Harbor

Lilian keeps telling me that the Horde is family.

Now that my real family won't accept me... Honestly, I could use the support.

But in turn, Lilian has promised that my family shall be kept safe. And if I can secure that by giving my aid to the Horde?

Then that's what I shall do.

Stormsong Monnastery

Let's make this quick. In and out, before we're discovered.

Post-H [50] The Return of Derek Proudmoore

Gossip Zelling, you look disturbed. Is it about Derek Proudmoore's revival?

What have I done? All I wanted was to be with my family, to take care of them and ensure that they had everything they needed. And now...

Derek Proudmoore didn't ask for such a fate. He died a hero to all Kul Tirans, and he has earned his rest beneath the tides. To think I had a hand in this... this...

Forgive me, <name>. We must set this right.


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Notes and trivia

  • His mount in Tiragarde is a white hyena.
  • His generic names are Risen Tidesage and Horde Shaman (orc).

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