NeutralThorim's Flame
Start Minerva Ravensorrow
End Minerva Ravensorrow
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Death Knight Campaign
Experience 16,450
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N Death knight [45] The Peak of Bones
Next N Death knight [45] The Bonemother


Convince the Drekirjar Shrine-Keeper to let you take Thorim's Flame.

  • Drekirjar Shrine-Keeper convinced
  • N Death knight [45] Thorim's Flame collected


Not too long ago, the Drekirjar and the Thorignir respected each other. This only changed when Skovald came into power. An ancient Drekirjar spirit watches over this peak, which seems to be a sacred graveyard of some sort. He is the keeper of the ceremonial flame, which happens to be exactly what we need to call down the broodmother.

Why don't we go convince him to let us take the flame? I'm sure he'll be nothing but... amiable.


You will receive: 19g 40s


Although the spirit might stand unconvinced that raising the bodies of his deceased allies for our own bidding is necessary, we could always slaughter him to get our way. Seems normal for us.


See? Totally convinced. Let's take this torch down to the beacon.



Drekirjar Shrine-keeper
Welcome to my peak, Deathlord.
I am the last remaining ancient watcher of the Drekirjar. I make my home here, tending to the sacred bodies of our allies who gave their lives for our alliance. Skovald may have shattered our alliance with the Thorignir, but there are those of us who do not follow his mandates.
To this day, the Thorignir die in our joint struggle. It is all I can do to attend them as their bodies return to the snow. With Daumyr as my partner, we protect our charges with our lives.
Gossip I'm raising these Thorignir as my soldiers, and Daumyr is next.
Drekirjar Shrine-Keeper yells: You shall not turn my allies into your mindless slaves!
Collect flame
Minerva Ravensorrow says: I'll get the flame. I've been looking forward to this!


  1. N Death knight [45] Making Preparations
  2. N Death knight [45] Severing the Sveldrek & N Death knight [45] Harnessing Power
  3. N Death knight [45] Return to Acherus
  4. N Death knight [45] The Peak of Bones
  5. N Death knight [45] From Bones They Rise & N Death knight [45] Thorim's Flame
  6. N Death knight [45] The Bonemother
  7. N Death knight [45] On Daumyr's Wings
  8. N Death knight [45] We Ride!
  9. N Death knight [45] Champion: Minerva Ravensorrow

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