Type Database
Registration Free
Launched 2004
Maintained by Thott
Popularity 4983 (Alexa)


Thottbot was an addon which automatically saved data from the game — like monster drops, weapon stats, monster spawn locations, and character profile data. The collected data was later uploaded to the website of the same name,, either automatically or manually. The uploaded data available on the site was used for many applications such as finding NPCs that you need to complete a certain quest, items that you might have to retrieve, or even the drop rate of items from different monsters. Thottbot was owned by Affinity Media through the ZAM Network.

Thottbot was drastically changed in December 2010 when ZAM Network decided to "merge" it with Wowhead, which is also owned by ZAM. The change consisted of deleting all data on Thottbot, having it load all data from Wowhead instead. This included the deletion of accounts, screenshots, comments, and forums so far posted on Thottbot. In order to post new comments, users will have to sign up an account on Wowhead.

While ZAM explained that their goal was to "improve the data available to the Thottbot community while retaining the Thottbot styling, navigation and community", the merge has caused Wowhead and Thottbot to technically be the same page with two different names and layouts. Some former users of Thottbot have criticized the merge as having ruined Thottbot, along with general World of Warcraft history, as several years' data was lost in the process.[1]

On November 16, 2016, Thottbot was discontinued, and for a while, the url would redirect to, before the redirect was taken down aswell.

In-Game Usage

Toggles x,y coordinates under minimap.
Toggles AddOn garbage collection info under minimap.
Display size of collected Thottbot data.
Collect Thottbot profile.
Display current Thottbot settings.
Reset Thottbot data collection.
Display Thottbot version.