For the Argent Tournament daily quest, see N [25-30G3 Daily] Threat From Above.
NeutralThreat From Above
Start Yuula
End Yuula
Level 15-30
Category Shattrath City
Reputation +250 Sha'tari Skyguard
Next N [15-30] To Skettis!

And now... Introducing: the Sha'tari Skyguard quests! You, too, could eventually become a Nether Ray rider!


Slay any 20 Gordunni Ogres in the Barrier Hills and return to Yuula in Shattrath City.


So you want to join the Skyguard? Well, I know you can fly... but can you fight?

The Skyguard is sworn to protect Shattrath from the dangers that loom above us, both near and far. The Gordunni ogres who dwell in the Barrier Hills to the north are an immediate threat to us.

Reaching the ogres has been problematic for Shattrath's ground units. That's where we come in. See what you can do to help contain them.


Have you completed your task, <Name>?


Good job, ace. I've a feeling you're going to fit in well with us.



The Barrier Hills are just North (and above) of Aldor Rise. It will require flight (or being summoned) to reach this area.

There are a few level 71 elite ogres, Gordunni Soulreaper, that wanders the area, and summons skeleton adds. This can be troublesome for two people. There are elite as well as non-elite mobs in the area, so players can dodge elites if the prove too difficult.

(There is a cemetery now, so you don't need a rez or summon anymore)

The rest of the ogres are ... just ogres. A little tougher, as befits their level, but otherwise not exceptional.

225 Riding skill is required to get this quest.

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