Not to be confused with Throgg (ettin).
Image of Throgg
Title The Truly Dim
Gender Male
Race Ogre
Class Warrior
Affiliation(s) Independent
Former affiliation(s) Hidden, Shattered Hand clan, Mahrook clan, Horde
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Relative(s) Thrull (brother)
Companion(s) Karrga
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Throgg is an ogre member of the Shattered Hand clan and the Hidden. He has a horn on his forehead and his right hand is missing and uses its stump for various weapons. Malus considers him to be the most loyal of the group.


Shattered Hand

Several years before the Cataclysm,[1] when Throgg was young, the ogre warrior of the Horde's Mahrook clan participated in battles against the Alliance. In one such a battle, the Alliance cornered the Mahrook to a canyon. Although the ogre clan fought and killed human and dwarven soldiers, the Alliance eventually bested them and slaughtered them all, leaving only Throgg last standing. He even continued to fight when arrows hit his body, pulling them and stabbing enemies. He knew that he would die that moment, but suddenly the orcs of the Shattered Hand clan entered the canyon and attacked the Alliance from behind. When the Alliance turned away from Throgg to attack the orcs, Throgg continued killing them. The ogre and the orc clan eventually defeated the Alliance.

A Shattered Hand warrior named Teremok offered him to join the orc clan. Both seeing themselves as great warriors, and with the Mahrook ogres being defeated, Throgg joined the Shattered Hand. The deal was sealed when Teremok cut Throgg's hand. Throgg actually didn't miss his hand much as the blacksmith Ulmok offered him a variety of weapons to use. Throgg then joined more attacks against the Alliance with the Shattered Hand, but his friends and brothers, Ulmok and Teremok, were eventually killed during the battles. He missed both of them because the other orcs were not his friends and didn't treat him well.

Eventually, the Shattered Hand worked with the group called the Hidden to find Greydon Thorne and his compass. It was then that he noticed Malus and Malus noticed him. When Malus was about to leave, he asked Throgg to come with him. The ogre refused, as he swore an oath to the Shattered Hand. Malus then approached Garamok who said that no ogre can be a true Shattered Hand but that they want him for carrying supplies. Malus thus offered Garamok 30 silvers who took them and released Throgg from the oath. Throgg was furious at words of Garamok and considered he has no ogre or orc brothers so he swore an oath to his new brother Malus and to the Hidden.[2]


He assisted Captain Malus in an attack of the Wavestrider, killing Cassius Meeks and destroying its mainmast. He then accompanied the group into Feralas in search of Aramar Thorne and Makasa Flintwill. The group tracked them and Throgg went with Reigol Valdread to make the two youngsters a deal - captured Murky for Aram's compass. The two along with the druid Thalyss Greyoak shattered Reigol's body so the ogre picked the pieces and handed them to the Forsaken. Malus ordered Throgg as the deal was unsuccessful but as the human learned the cause - Aram being captured by the Gordunni clan and brought to Dire Maul - he stopped the hungry Throgg and ordered to bring the murloc with them as the Hidden entered the ruined city.

As Malus approached King Gordok, he challenged the leader to a mak'gora. The king refused, stating that only ogres can challenge, so Malus beckoned to Throgg who challenged the king. Gordok eventually accepted, yet Malus offered himself to fight as Throgg's champion. Malus killed Gordok, but Aram and his companions escaped. An ogre named Kor'lok then challenged Malus for leadership, acknowledging the human as King Gordok. Malus, however, appointed Throgg to fight in his stead and the one-handed ogre immediately killed Kor'lok.

During these final events, Throgg was described as not being very happy with so many ogre deaths and perverting ogre laws.[3]


  • King Gordok called him Drogg and Murky DRRRugg.



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