For the location from the main universe, see Throne of the Elements.

The Throne of the Elements.

Gul'dan at the Throne, as seen in Harbingers.

"This is the Throne of the Elements. You stand in the presence of furies, <name>. Here, the earth lives beneath your feet and the wind watches your every move. This place is truly hallowed ground."
Farseer Drek'Thar

The Throne of the Elements (or Throne of Elements) is a neutral quest hub in Nagrand.

There are three furies there, Incineratus <Fury of Fire>, Kalandrios <Fury of Air> and Aborius <Fury of Water>. Gordawg has recently gone missing and the Furies task Vindicator Nobundo and Drek'Thar, as well as their new allies from Azeroth, to locate him.

The Throne is also a location of key ley lines.[1] It is here where Drek'Thar performs a shamanistic ritual to bless the Horde commander and his ring.

The fury Stonegar attacked shaman near the Throne.[2]



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