NeutralThrone of the Tides: Azshara's Power
Start Erunak Stonespeaker
End Stormcaller Mylra
Level 10-45
Type Legendary
Category Artifact
Experience 14,800
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N Shaman [10-45] Wavespeaker's Trail
Next N Shaman [10-45] A Ring Reforged


Travel to the Throne of Tides and acquire Sharas'dal.


Wavespeaker Adelee tracked Sharas'dal to the Throne of Tides within the Abyssal Maw, then disappeared. <name>, if we go after her, we are almost certainly walking into a trap.

But the elements are with us, my friend. The naga will not expect a shaman of your caliber!

Swim to the Throne of Tides to the Northwest, within the Abyssal Depths. I will join you once you are inside. Let's find our missing shaman and get that artifact!


You will receive:

  • 19g 40s
  • 14,800 XP


So the legends of the Scepter of Tides were true, <name>!

It lifts our spirits to have such a powerful artifact in the hands of the Earthen Ring.



Erunak Stonespeaker says: We should make our way to the Throne of Tides within the Abyssal Maw, where the scepter awaits. We must be careful - I fear Neptulon's Realm may be compromised.

The Dark Queen and the Sea

Stage 1: Big Help

Heal and recruit the beleaguered sea giant.
Erunak Stonespeaker says: The naga are tormenting that sea giant. How should we proceed?
Naga killed
Erunak Stonespeaker says: We mean you no harm, giant.
Grash says: They control us. They kill.
Erunak Stonespeaker says: Shaman, speak with him. Perhaps we can gain a new ally down here.
Speaking with Grash
I am Grash, son of Gralashar.
The snake witch controls us with magic stick. Those who fight she takes away to kill.
Have you come to kill snake witch?
Gossip Who is this snake witch?
She calls herself "Lady Zithreen." She has many snakes. Snakes who follow her. Snakes on her face.
She claims water throne for her queen, using magic stick.
Gossip We seek a magic stick! What does it look like?
<Grash frowns.>
Magic stick is very old. Very powerful. It is made of living water.
Snake witch says the magic stick came from her queen. It speaks to the sea. Sea monsters obey the stick. It heals their wounds.
Stick fill the heads of giants with dark and pain. The dark comes from the witch, not the stick.
Gossip We are looking for a shaman. Have you seen her?
Sha-man? Like, little one who speaks to water and storms?
Yes, Grash has seen her. She fights the snake witch and loses.
Snake witch keeps her alive. Says stupid people will come for her.
Ha hah! Snake witch is the dumb one. No one stupid enough to come for shaman lady.
Gossip Join us! We will kill the "snake witch" and take this "magic stick!"
You will kill snake witch?
You will wake away magic stuick?
Yes! Grash will help!
Gossip Let's go!
Grash equips himself with wood from the wreckage of a ship.
Erunak Stonespeaker says: Well done, my friend! He has seen our missing shaman AND the artifact we seek. Now we must find a way through this ice barrier...
Grash destroys the barrier.
Erunak Stonespeaker says: ...Well that will do.

Stage 2: Rescue Wavespeaker Adelee

Find and free the missing shaman, Wavespeaker Adelee.
  • Defeat Adelee's Guards.
  • Rescue Adelee.
Erunak Stonespeaker says: The giant has seen Sharas'dal, the Scepter of Tides! We are close. Keep him alive and he will protect us.

Frenzied Deep Sea Crawlers, Frenzied Deep Sea Makrura, and a Zithreenai Tidecaller attack.

Erunak Stonespeaker says: What are Azshara's minions doing to this place?
Wavespeaker Adelee says: The Scepter of Tides... it's here. I found it.
Wavespeaker Adelee says: They're using it to whip creatures of this realm into a frenzy.
Zithreenai Tidecaller calls out to nearby creatures for aid.
Grash falls to one knee, gravely wounded.
Grash is [Gravely Wounded] and cannot fight until healed!
Erunak Stonespeaker falls to one knee, gravely wounded.
Erunak Stonespeaker is [Gravely Wounded] and cannot fight until healed!

After defeating the enemies, approach the wavespeaker.

Wavespeaker Adelee says: Sharas'dal is held by Lady Zithreen. She was using me as bait.
Wavespeaker Adelee says: We should turn back. This whole realm is a trap.
Erunak Stonespeaker says: You underestimate the shaman I have brought.

Click on her to free her.

Stage 3: Secure the Central Junction

Defeat Kra'liss.
  • Ask Grash to Smash the Ice Wall
  • Defeat Kra'liss
Grash says: Something is near. Something big.
Speaking with Grash
There is snake-man in next room. Big snake-man.
Grash can smell the fish-breath.
Gossip Everyone's ready, Grash. Smash the ice wall!

Everyone enters and attacks

Erunak Stonespeaker says: If the Scepter is here, this may be our only chance to capture it and turn its power against the Legion!
Kra'liss begins a [Deafening Roar]. Stop casting!

Stage 4: Water Gauntlet

Ascend to the upper level and lead your party through the waves.
  • Use Erunak's spell to ascend the riptide.
  • Run through the wave gauntlet.

Click on the bubble to get to the first floor.

Grash says: Wet!
Grash breaks the ice wall.
Wavespeaker Adelee says: Zithreen is trying to crush us beneath the waves!
Erunak Stonespeaker says: Shaman, lead Grash forward. He can act as a breakwater for us.
Erunak Stonespeaker says: Sharas'dal, the Scepter of Tides, is steeped in Legend. Through its power, Azshara enabled her followers to live in the sea.
Wavespeaker Adelee says: Is it dangerous?
Erunak Stonespeaker says: It has dominion of the waters of Azeroth, the very stuff of life. In the right hands, it could be a font of healing instead of corruption.

Walk along the side of the hallway to dodge the waves and "lead" Grash forward. Do not follow Lady Zithreen into the room or you'll get stuck by the ice barrier that forms.

Stage 5: Destroy the Sea Witch

Defeat Lady Zithreen.
  • Ask Grash to destroy the ice wall.
  • Slay Lady Zithreen.
Lady Zithreen says: Sharas'dal is mine, for the glory of my queen alone!
Wavespeaker Adelee says: Lady Zithreen is in the throne room beyond.
Speaking with Grash
The snake witch. She is inside.
Grash is... afraid.
The snake witch will try to control Grash with her magic stick.
Gossip I promise to protect you, Grash. Smash your way inside!
Grash breaks the final ice wall.
Erunak Stonespeaker says: Your cause is hopeless, sea witch! No matter how you bend the elements to your will, they will never truly serve you.
Lady Zithreen casts [Control Thoughts] on Grash!
Grash yells: Cannot. Control. Must. KILL!

Avoid watery globules.

Zithreen defeated
Grash grabs and holds Zithreen.
Erunak Stonespeaker says: It's over, Zithreen! Tell us... what did Azshara plan to do with this realm?
Lady Zithreen says: I will tell you NOTHING!
Grash says: Agraaahh!!
Grash shashes and stomps Zithreen, killing her.
Erunak Stonespeaker says: Well then... I guess... I guess we're done talking here.
Grash says: Dead now.

Final Stage: Acquire Sharas'dal

Pick up Sharas'dal.
  • Pick up Sharas'dal.
Erunak Stonespeaker says: Take up the Scepter, shaman. You have earned it.
Sharas'dal taken
Erunak Stonespeaker says: Feel its power coursing through you, shaman. The waters that Azshara tried to turn against us are now yours to command.
Grash says: Magic stick!
Erunak Stonespeaker says: Come, let us return to the others.
Wavespeaker Adelee says: I never thought I would someday long for the peace and quiet of the Maelstrom.
Erunak and Adelee open a Bubble to the Maelstrom.


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