Through Persistence

Neutral 32.png Through Persistence
Start Ruberick [59.6, 14.0]
End Ruberick [59.6, 14.0]
Level 30-35
Type Daily
Category Deepholm
Experience 43900
Reputation +250 Therazane
Rewards 8 Gold.png 60 Silver.png (or 10 Gold.png 46 Silver.png at max level)
Repeatable Yes
Shareable Yes


Retrieve a Bag of Verlok Miracle-Grow from the Verloks upon the Crimson Expanse.


The troggs did not disperse after you killed Glop. His servants recovered the growth agent that was left behind and continue to sew the seeds of corruption across the Crimson Expanse.

Hunt them down and recover any of the remaining Verlock Miracle-Grow that you find. It must be disposed of.


You will receive: 8 Gold.png 60 Silver.png (or 10 Gold.png 46 Silver.png at max level)


Have you done as I've asked of you? We must weed out the whatever growth agent remains within their possession.


Thank you, <race>. We will weed the rest out of their possession in time.


Pick up Neutral 15.png  [30-35 Daily] Soft Rock and Neutral 15.png  [30-35 Daily] Fungal Fury before heading out.

Prior to Patch 4.0.6, the bag was a world object that could be found in the Crimson Expanse rarely but was more commonly found as loot from Verlok Shroomtenders, Verlok Basilisk Riders, or Verlok Grubthumpers while on the quest. After the patch, these mobs always drop a Inv misc dust 04.png  [Sprinkle of Verlok Miracle-Grow] unless they drop the bag itself. Five of these sprinkles can be combined to form a full bag.


Patch changes

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