NeutralThrough a Glass, Darkly
Start Tarecgosa
End Tarecgosa
Level 35 (Requires 35)
Category Borean Tundra
Previous N [35] On a Wing and a Prayer
Next N [35D] Actionable Intelligence


Look into the Eye of Eternity at the Nether Vortex in the Nexus.

Meet Tarecgosa inside the Nexus where she will escort you to the rift.

  • Obscured Event Witnessed


<Tarecgosa listens as you explain your presence in Coldarra.>

Your tale rings true, <class>. Much has changed since the death of Malygos - little of it for the better.

I know of the device you carry, and I recognize Anachronos' magic in its creation. There is but one place in all of Coldarra that would allow this Timeless Eye to be used discreetly.

You will require my assistance if you hope to succeed. Speak with me again inside the Nexus and you shall have it.


You will receive: 39g 47s


This cannot be, <class>!

It must be some kind of trick!


Meet Tarecgosa inside The Nexus. When you enter the portal, you'll be transported to a phased version of the instance. Speak to Tarecgosa to begin the event.

Gossip Which way should we go?

Tarecgosa says: The rift can be reached through this hall. Follow me.

Tarecgosa takes her elven form. Follow her down the hall on the left from the entrance.

Tarecgosa says: Stay close. If we are caught, it will be the end of both of us.

A Nexus Warden comes around the corner.

Tarecgosa says: A sentry approaches! Hide yourself, quickly!!

Tarecgosa casts an invisibility spell on you. When the sentry passes, it will fade. Continue following her down the hall, where you are spotted by an Icebound Sentinel. Assist Tarecgosa in defeating it. Keep moving to avoid its ice spike abilities. Be mindful of the dogs that assist the sentinel.

Tarecgosa says: Security here is much stronger than I recall... what is Arygos protecting?

Continue following Tarecgosa down the hall. Be careful not to be killed by the steam vents. As you enter the Hall of Stasis, you will be confronted by another Icebound Sentinel. Help Tarecgosa defeat it, same drill as before. When the Sentinel falls, two more sentries enter the room.

Tarecgosa says: More sentries approach! There's no other way...

Tarecgosa will encase you in an ice block.

Nexus Warden says: Well done, milady. I will have the intruder disposed of at once.

Tarecgosa says: I'll handle this one. See if you can find any others.

Nexus Warden says: As you wish.

As the sentries depart, Tarecgosa releases you. When another sentinel spots you, it will dash up the hall.

Tarecgosa says: Argh! We cannot afford this delay!

Chase the sentinel up the corridor into The Librarium, where you corner it in the room where you fought Grand Magus Telestra. When Tarecgosa enters the room, another sentinel appears. The two channel a spell that freezes Tarecgosa in her dragon form, unable to act. Any damage will distract them from channeling the spell, so kill the first sentinel by yourself, then attack the other one, gaining Tarecgosa's help in the process. Once the last sentinel falls, Tarecgosa heads out of the Librarium towards the Rift.

Tarecgosa says: Follow me, mortal. The rift is near.

Your journey is halted by a massive ice wall.

Tarecgosa says: Protect me while I break the barrier.

A piercing howl echoes through the hallways!

You will be attacked by Ceredos, an 85 Elite. As the hound falls, the barrier is shattered- to reveal the rift, its walkway shattered and replaced with floating platforms, guarded by Twilight dragons.

Tarecgosa says: What? Twilight dragons? Here??

Jump on a Nexus Platform, and fly across the chasm, killing the twilight dragons along the way. Tarecgosa flies off to confront Thyrinar, the wyrm commanding the twilight dragons. Face off with one of the Twilight Riftweavers. Killing one will knock it off of its platform, allowing you to take it for yourself. When the Riftweaver casts Shadow Nova click one of the 4 orbs on his platform to steal a shield.

When you reach the far side of the chasm, Tarecgosa will freeze the remaining Twilight dragons in ice blocks. Meet her on the platform where you once fought Anomalus.

Tarecgosa says: At last! We have arrived.

Thyrinar suddenly rises from the chasm below and traps Tarecgosa in a dark rune.

Thyrinar yells: You pose no threat, lesser beings! Give me your worst!

Thyrinar has nearly 2 million health. For certain classes (those without self-heals?) he occasionally casts Twilight Restoration. Dispel or spell-steal it as soon as you can, or he'll quickly regain health. Thyrinar will also channel Twisting Twilight, a high-damage laser. He will also summon adds periodically.

Tarecgosa says: Careful! Avoid his breath at all costs!

Eventually you will defeat Thyrinar, and he falls into the endless rift below. The rune holding Tarecgosa fades, and the Timeless Eye will appear in the center of the platform. Use the Eye to unveil the mysterious event.

A cutscene will begin, showing the platform seen in the Eye of Eternity. Arygos, surrounded by several blue dragons channeling a spell, stands in the center.

Arygos and Deathwing

Arygos says: I have agreed to this meeting, Worldbreaker, but at great risk. If this is discovered...

The camera pans to reveal Deathwing, flying in the abyss before the platform.

Deathwing says: Calm yourself, Arygos. Your barrier will buy you all the time you need.

Deathwing says: With Kalecgos dead, your destiny as the blue aspect shall be realized.

Arygos says: And once this new order is established, my place will be secure, yes?

Deathwing says: Your reign over the realm of magic will be absolute, even after the Hour of Twilight.

Deathwing says: But be warned Arygos, son of Malygos... Do not make the mistakes of your father.

Deathwing says: Cross me, and your punishment will be greater than the madness he suffered.

The vision will end. Speak to Tarecgosa to end the quest.

"Through a Glass, Darkly" is a Biblical metaphor reference about seeing things clearly, in this case "Obscure Event Witnessed" provided you have a Timeless Eye; the glass/lense in the metaphor. The quest may also be a reference to the science-fiction novel | A Scanner Darkly and movie adaption.


  1. B [35] Your Time Has Come
  2. B [35] A Legendary Engagement
  3. N [35] A Wrinkle in Time
  4. N [35] All-Seeing Eye
  5. N [35] On a Wing and a Prayer
  6. N [35] Through a Glass, Darkly
  7. N [35D] Actionable Intelligence
  8. N [35] Delegation
  9. N [35] Nordrassil's Bough
  10. N [35] Emergency Extraction
  11. N [35] At One
  12. N [35] Time Grows Short
  13. N [35] Alignment
  14. N [35R] Heart of Flame
  15. B [35] The Stuff of Legends

Patches and hotfixes

  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2014-10-20): Platforms should now spawn in correctly, allowing players to complete the quest.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.2.0 (2011-06-28): Added.

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