Through the Nether

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For the beta version, see A [99] Through The Nether.
Alliance & HordeThrough the Nether
Start Shamanstone
End Shamanstone
Level 99 (Requires 98)
Category Nagrand (alternate universe)
Experience 14,930
Repeatable No


Use a Void Beacon to travel to the Twisting Nether.

  • Travel Into the Twisting Nether


The rituals have been disrupted, yet the nether beacons still glow with power....

This can only mean that the beacons are powered from within the Twisting Nether itself!

The connection to the void must be severed! There is but one way to accomplish this; you must slay the void creature that maintains the connection with our world.

Lay your hands upon a beacon and travel into the Twisting Nether. When you have arrived on the other side, locate a Shamanstone and use it to contact me.


The Shamanstone appears to be working, even from within the Twisting Nether.

There is much that needs to be done, <name>. The monsters of the void are gathering upon Oshu'gun and must be stopped, else they invade our realm.


  • 15g
  • 14,930 experience

The Shadow of the Void

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