Throwing SI:7 Off the Trail: Stormheim

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RogueThrowing SI:7 Off the Trail: Stormheim
Level 102 (760)
Duration 1 hour
Followers 3
Type Campaign
Enemies Deathguard Adams
Royal Dreadguard
Volatile Waste
Cost 50 Order Resources
Champion XP 600
Bonus Chest  [Kvaldir Anchor Line]


Lady Sylvanas Windrunner has disappeared in Stormheim. Let SI:7 think we are hot on her trail. We are, but we will assign a decoy agent for SI:7 to notice.


  • Deathguard Adams: Powerful
  • Royal Dreadguard: Slowing Disorienting Cursed
  • Volatile Waste: Slowing Disorienting Cursed


You will receive:
Creatureportrait blackrock chainsofwoe.png [Kvaldir Anchor Line]
  • 600 follower XP

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