Mirror Lake's waterfall

Thunder Falls is a narrow ravine, located in the mountains of north-western Elwynn Forest.[25, 55] A steep path leading up to the ravine can be found on the right of Mirror Lake's waterfall where there is a small rural cottage that has level 8-10 Bandits, an Anvil and a Cozy Fire, along with a small pier and boat at the river next to the house. If the river is followed it will eventually wind into another waterfall that empties near the border of Westfall. The bottom of the waterfall can be reached from above by carefully navigating through the hilly terrain.

Thunder Falls is quite unusual in the sense that it is a ravine with double-sided waterfall ends. The falls are fed by a third, inaccessible waterfall from the cliffs on the northern side of the mountains.

It is here you fish  [Violet Perch], for A Fishing [10-60 Daily] Thunder Falls.


the Thunder Falls cottage

There is no real history behind Thunder Falls. It was most likely a small residential place where a family once lived, until Bandits overran it and forced them away.

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