Thunder Hold.

Thunder Hold is an ancient mogu fortress found in the Honeydew Glade in the Jade Forest.[33, 10] It's here the Alliance have setup a base and begin attacking the Horde gunship, Hellscream's Fist, that comes to a stop nearby, after floating there when its engines were damaged.

General Nazgrim leads ground forces from the backside and meets the heroes of the Horde, that charge in from the front side, inside the ruins. Meanwhile Captain Doren has barricaded himself on the upper floor, while his men are slaughtered below. General Nazgrim sends the heroes in a frontal assault while he and his marines scale the walls. As the Horde soldiers approach Captain Doren, he quickly escapes onto a gyrocopter and, along with a few others from Strongarm Airstrip, delivers the final blow to the Hellscream's Fist causing it to crash, just barely missing the Honeydew Village.

With the Alliance forces destroyed in the ruins, the negative energies of hatred and doubt have caused creatures known as the sha to manifest in the ruins. Taran Zhu quickly appears cleansing Nazgrim of the negative energy and orders the Horde to clean up the mess they have made. Having no means of transportation and several wounded, Nazgrim looks to the nearby village for aid.


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