Thunderhorn Cleansing

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HordeThunderhorn Cleansing
Start Mull Thunderhorn
End Mull Thunderhorn
Level 8 (Requires 4)
Category Mulgore
Experience 700
Reputation +250 Thunder Bluff
Rewards  [Bloodhoof War Shield] or  [Thunderhorn Gloves] or  [Touch of Dawn]
Previous Thunderhorn Totem
Next Rite of Vision


Use the Thunderhorn Cleansing Totem at the Thunderhorn Water Well.

  • Well Cleansed

Provided item:


The Grimtotem are a tribe that believe all of Kalimdor should belong to the Tauren alone. Their hate and anger led to a corrupting thirst for power. Magatha, their leader, poisoned our High Chieftain, Cairne Bloodhoof, and attempted to take Thunder Bluff for herself; she was defeated, and the Grimtotem exiled.

Now they seek to ruin Mulgore itself as they are driven out. Quickly, <name>, you must go to the Thunderhorn Water Well in the north and perform the ritual!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv shield 10.png [Bloodhoof War Shield] Inv gauntlets 102v4.png [Thunderhorn Gloves]
Inv staff 16.png [Touch of Dawn]


Do not fear the Grimtotem, <name>. They are vicious, but we must fight to protect our homeland.


You've done great honor for both me and my ancestors today. Please, take this with my gratitude.


  1. H IconSmall Tauren Male.gifIconSmall Tauren Female.gif [7] A Bundle of Hides
  2. H [7] Ride to Thunder Bluff
  3. H [7] Tal the Wind Rider Master
  4. H [7] Return to Varg
  • Morin Cloudstalker questline:
  1. H [8] Morin Cloudstalker (optional breadcrumb)
  2. H [8] The Ravaged Caravan
  3. H [8] The Ravaged Caravan
  4. H [7] The Venture Co. / H [8] Supervisor Fizsprocket
  • Grimtotem questline (Tauren only):
  1. H IconSmall Tauren Male.gifIconSmall Tauren Female.gif [1 - 60] Poison Water
  2. H IconSmall Tauren Male.gifIconSmall Tauren Female.gif [6] Winterhoof Cleansing
  3. H IconSmall Tauren Male.gifIconSmall Tauren Female.gif [7] Thunderhorn Totem
  4. H IconSmall Tauren Male.gifIconSmall Tauren Female.gif [8] Thunderhorn Cleansing
  5. H IconSmall Tauren Male.gifIconSmall Tauren Female.gif [6] Rite of Vision
  6. H IconSmall Tauren Male.gifIconSmall Tauren Female.gif [7] Rite of Vision (to Camp Sungraze)

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