Part of the Thundermar Ruins.

The Thundermar Ruins are ruins located within the northern Twilight Highlands. They lie to the south, southwest and east of the intact parts of Thundermar itself, and consist of a number of house clusters in various states of ruin.[45, 43] [46, 33] [46, 37] [49, 37] [53, 28] [51.5, 33]

The ruins used to be part of the settlement area of the Thundermar clan of Wildhammers, before being overrun by Twilight's Hammer cultists. Much of Thundermar is now in ruins.[1] There are many dwarven homesteads located here, and an intense three-way battle is fought between the Wildhammer dwarves, Dragonmaw orcs and Hammer's cultists for their control.

The Alliance can earn the Alliance  [Wildhammer Tour of Duty] achievement here by completing a number of vignettes, and the Horde can complete the Horde  [Dragonmaw Tour of Duty].


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