Thunderstrike Mountain.

Thunderstrike Mountain[60, 16] (also called Mount Thunderstrike[1] or simply Thunderstrike)[2] is located in the northeastern part of the Twilight Highlands. The spiritual center of Kirthaven lies within the shadow of the mountain just to the west.[2] The Wildhammers of the Twilight Highlands honor their dead heroes in Kirthaven before burying them with their gryphons atop Thunderstrike, where they are believed to spend eternity at one with the sky.[1] Dwarven cairns and standing stones adorned with gryphon feathers can be found on the summit, while a standard Wildhammer graveyard can be found at the bottom of a passage further down the mountainside. Several of the trees on the mountain feature carvings of hammers, gryphon footprints, and a mountain under a thundercloud.

The mountain is inaccessible without flying. During questing, nothing happens here directly, but the summit does function as an Alliance graveyard.


  • Tree carvings identical to those on Thunderstrike Mountain can also be seen in Aerie Peak's graveyard.


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