Thunk's Abode

Thunk's Abode.jpg
Thunk's Abode.

Thunk's Abode [70.3, 32.7]


Blip.png is a camp in northeastern Desolace, northeast of the Cenarion Wildlands and south of Sargeron. Cenarion Embassador Thunk has set up here under Cenarion Circle's orders to turn the barren surrounding land into prairie. Thunk's Wyvern acts as a flight master.

Travel Connections


Horde 15.png Thunder Bluff
Horde 15.png Furien's Post, Desolace
Neutral 15.png Ethel Rethor, Desolace
Neutral 15.png Karnum's Glade, Desolace


  • This camp offers a few quests, but has no bread crumb quest leading you here, making the quests easy to pass or forget about.
  • The quests here lead to a goblin who has a few quests as well.

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