NeutralThus Begins the War
Start Skyseer Ghrent
End Skyseer Ghrent
Level 10-45
Type Legendary
Category Warrior Campaign
Experience 7,550
Rewards 7g 70s
Previous N Warrior [10-45] The Eye of Odyn
Next N [10-45] The Lone Mountain/B [10-45] Stormheim


Select your order's first assault point.

  • Assault point chosen


The Legion thinks you are dead. It will be quite the surprise when you punish them for that assumption!

This allows us to see all across the Broken Isles and assign warriors to various tasks.

Once you've taken a look, you should choose your first area of operation. I've already picked out the best spots!


You will receive: 7g 70s


It shall be done.


An excellent choice, <name>. As more opportunities arise, I will bring them to your attention. Good luck in battle!



Interact with the Eye of Odyn to choose one of four zones to quest in next. With the new zone-scaling tech, all four of the leveling zones work for 100-110 leveling:

Archmage Khadgar was planning an expedition to Azsuna - you should seek him out at Krasus' Landing in Dalaran immediately.
Begins quest N [10-45] Paradise Lost, starting the Azsuna storyline
Our sources tell us that a Highmountain tauren emissary has recently arrived in Dalaran. We don't know his intentions, but his people could be an invaluable contact in the region.
Khadgar is greeting the emissary at Krasus' Landing in Dalaran - you should seek him out.
The Kirin Tor have created a permanent portal to Dalaran for us that can take you to the city quickly.
Begins quest N [10-45] The Lone Mountain, starting the Highmountain storyline
Sky Admiral Rogers has sent word for you to meet her in Dalaran. It sounded important.
The Kirin Tor mages were kind enough to establish a permanent portal just across the hall for us that can take you to the city quickly.
Rogers should be waiting for you in the Violet Citadel.
Nathanos Blightcaller, Champion of the Banshee Queen herself, sent for you in Dalaran. He made it sound urgent.
The Kirin Tor have provided a permanent portal to Dalaran that you can use to travel there quickly. He should be waiting for you in the Violet Citadel.
Begins quest B [10-45] Stormheim, starting the Stormheim storyline
Archmage Khadgar sent word about Val'Sharah not long ago. It sounds like he has good news.
The Kirin Tor have opened a permanent portal to Dalaran just across the hall - he'd like you go meet him on Krasus' Landing.
Begins quest N [10-45] The Tranquil Forest, starting the Val'sharah storyline


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