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In World of Warcraft, a ticket usually refers to an active Help Request to a GM for in-game support about a bug, issue or problem in-game. Most tickets do not get resolved right away, unless it is a major bug newly discovered or an obvious and traceable harassment event.

Tickets are limited to a maximum of 500 characters. For complex issues requiring more than that, customers should email for assistance.

An "Open Ticket" is for an issue that has not been addressed or resolved.

See Help Request for issues that GMs should consider valid requests.

Open Ticket

You will know when you have an open ticket because a small ticket icon will appear just to the left of your Mini-Map at the top of the screen.

Closed Ticket

Escalated Ticket

An "Escalated" ticket is one which has been passed onto a Specialist Game Master team, and this is normally done when a more complicated or thorough investigation is required. The waiting time for escalations can vary, but it usually takes a couple of days to receive a response.

2006-08-29 14:17 | Blizzard Entertainment Eilanai

The Golden Escalation Rule
The one thing to remember when you have been notified that your ticket has been escalated, is that it must remain open and unedited. If you close your ticket, or replace it with a new one before our investigations are concluded, your issue will be removed from the specialist queue. Also, due to technical limitations, it is only possible for our Specialists to reimburse large amounts of items while the recipient is online.

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