Tier 18 is the armor set associated with Patch 6.2.0. It is obtained from Hellfire Citadel. All the tokens can be used immediately to gain the set item associated with the token.

Unlike tier tokens used since The Burning Crusade, the item created can be used for any specialization since secondary attributes specific to certain roles (hit, expertise, dodge and parry) on gear has been removed with Warlords of Draenor. Attributes like bonus armor (for tanks) and spirit (for healers) can thus only be attained from necklaces, cloaks, bracers, belts, boots, rings and trinkets.

Unlike tier sets in Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria, there is no Raid Finder version of tier 18. Instead, there are four Hellfire Citadel sets that only drop in Raid Finder mode, one for each armor type.


Each set consists of five pieces and has three ranks: normal (695), heroic (710) and Mythic (725).

Slot Token Source
Head Helm of Hellfire's Conqueror Helm of Hellfire's Protector Helm of Hellfire's Vanquisher Kormrok, Hellfire Citadel
Shoulder Shoulders of Hellfire's Conqueror Shoulders of Hellfire's Protector Shoulders of Hellfire's Vanquisher Xhul'horac, Hellfire Citadel
Chest Chest of Hellfire's Conqueror Chest of Hellfire's Protector Chest of Hellfire's Vanquisher Mannoroth, Hellfire Citadel
Hands Gauntlets of Hellfire's Conqueror Gauntlets of Hellfire's Protector Gauntlets of Hellfire's Vanquisher Socrethar the Eternal, Hellfire Citadel
Legs Leggings of Hellfire's Conqueror Leggings of Hellfire's Protector Leggings of Hellfire's Vanquisher Gorefiend, Hellfire Citadel


Class Tier 18 set (695/710/725)
Death knight Death knight Demongaze Armor (Heroic · Mythic)
Druid Druid Oathclaw Wargarb (Heroic · Mythic)
Hunter Hunter Battlegear of the Savage Hunt (Heroic · Mythic)
Mage Mage Raiment of the Arcanic Conclave (Heroic · Mythic)
Monk Monk Battlewrap of the Hurricane's Eye (Heroic · Mythic)
Paladin Paladin Watch of the Ceaseless Vigil (Heroic · Mythic)
Priest Priest Attire of Piety (Heroic · Mythic)
Rogue Rogue Felblade Armor (Heroic · Mythic)
Shaman Shaman Embrace of the Living Mountain (Heroic · Mythic)
Warlock Warlock Deathrattle Regalia (Heroic · Mythic)
Warrior Warrior Battlegear of Iron Wrath (Heroic · Mythic)