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AllianceTiffin Ellerian Wrynn
Image of Tiffin Ellerian Wrynn
Title Queen
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation(s) Ellerian, House of Wrynn, Kingdom of Stormwind
Occupation Queen consort of Stormwind
Location Buried at the Stormwind City Cemetery[1]
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Varian (husband),
Anduin (son),
Llane (father-in-law),
Taria (mother-in-law),
Ellerian noble family

“Your mother had those same qualities. She had perfected the art of gentle persuasion, and her love moved the world.”

Varian Wrynn to his son Anduin at Tiffin's grave[2]

Tiffin Ellerian Wrynn was the wife of King Varian Wrynn, mother of Anduin Wrynn, and queen consort of the kingdom of Stormwind.


Tiffin belonged to the Ellerian noble family of Stormwind, a small house that only had a small chunk of land in Westfall. Her marriage was arranged at birth in order to give her family a place in the Stormwind House of Nobles. While she and Varian initially disliked each other, they eventually became inseparable. Tiffin helped Varian control his occasional anger issues and taught him economics, while Varian helped teach Tiffin about politics and social etiquette.[3] Elsie Benton, one of the kitchen servants, recalled the queen to be not just a great beauty, but also very kind.[4]

She eventually came to be beloved by the people, and was the strongest supporter of paying the Stonemasons' Guild the initially agreed-upon sum.[3] When Tiffin was attempting to calm the rioting stonemasons,[5] sadly, she was killed by a rock thrown,[6] an event which drove Varian into a deep depression. The effects of her death were felt keenly throughout the entire city. Varian vowed to punish those responsible and dealt with the rioters more severely. The Stonemasons, fleeing the city, hid in the rural areas of Westfall to escape prosecution. Knowing Varian's anger would never fade, many were forced to remain in hiding.[7]

Her death left a deep impact on Varian.[8] During Varian's time as the gladiator Lo'Gosh, Varian saw a vision of Tiffin while he meditated in the Pools of Vision. Tiffin warned Varian that his people and his son needs him, which spurred Lo'Gosh to return to Stormwind.[9] During the War Against the Nightmare, Tiffin, alongside their son Anduin, acted as one of Varian's nightmares.[10]

According to Varian, when he and his son visited Tiffin's final resting place after the Cataclysm, Anduin (who stated his belief that love outlasted "everything") was in fact the person Tiffin loved most of all, and he shared many of the same qualities as his mother, such as the art of gentle persuasion, and her sincere love which moved the world.[11]

Memorial to Tiffin[]

Tiffin Ellerian Wrynn
Queen of Stormwind
Fair and just, a wit as quick as her smile.
May the Light inherit your warmth, for
our world grows cold in your absence.

The memorial was written by Varian.[12]


Tiffin was a beautiful woman with fair skin, hip-length golden blonde hair and big blue eyes, her Anduin son looks a lot like her. As a member of royalty, she wore long dresses of white and gold tones.

Notes and trivia[]

  • Right after her death, Varian tasked Archbishop Benedictus with finding the key to her locket. He would eventually find it and gave it to the king during a Remembrance Day after the Cataclysm. The locket ended up in Anduin's hands.[13]
  • In Anduin's quarters hangs only one picture: a portrait of Tiffin holding Anduin when he was a baby, likely painted shortly before her death.[14]
  • One of Anduin's most treasured keepsakes is a small carved box containing Tiffin's engagement and wedding rings.[15][16]
  • A few vessels have been named after her.
  • Stormrage, which takes place 27 years ADP, mentions that Tiffin died during a riot almost 13 years earlier,[17] which would put her death 15 years ADP—the same year Anduin was born. This corresponds with The Comic, which shows the queen being killed while holding Anduin as a baby, as well as with World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 3 which also mentions her death under year 15.
  • An unused in-game model was added for her in patch 7.0.1.