The tigon is a creature resembling a humanoid big cat, so far primarily seen in the form of troll priests taking on the aspect of the feline loa Shirvallah and Bethekk.

By the time of the war against the Iron Horde, troll[1] druids had created a way for all druids to take on a half-cat form like those of Shirvallah's champions through the [Claws of Shirvallah]. This was later removed from the game.


Notes and trivia

  • The name "tigon" is taken from the game files as no other name is known.
  • Combining the now unobtainable fist weapons  [Thekal's Grasp] and  [Arlokk's Grasp] to form the Primal Blessing set grants a small chance with each ranged or melee hit to briefly transform into a tigon.
  • The saberon may have been inspired by the tigon.
  • In the real world, a tigon or tiglon is the hybrid offspring of a male tiger and a lioness.
  • During early parts of the testing of Cataclysm, before the tol'vir were introduced, tigons could be found in various places in Uldum.


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