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"The Tillers" redirects here. For the achievement, see Achievement faction tillers [The Tillers].
NeutralThe Tillers
Fruited Fields
The heartland of Pandaria
Main leader IconSmall Pandaren Male Haohan Mudclaw[1]
Secondary leaders The Council
Race(s) PandarenPandaren Pandaren
Hozen Hozen
Jinyu Jinyu
Capital Halfhill, Valley of the Four Winds
Theater of operations Valley of the Four Winds
Status Active
Quartermaster IconSmall Pandaren Female Gina Mudclaw

The Tillers (short for the Tiller's Union or Tillers Union)[1] are a group of pandaren farmers who harvest and produce crops to feed their people. They were seemingly founded by a man only referred to as "the Tiller".[2]

Faction description[]

The Tillers are peaceful and productive pandaren, working with the land to feed the massive appetites of their people.

Player-operated farm[]

The Tillers have a quest chain that leads to the farming mini-game. By becoming business partners with Farmer Yoon at Sunsong Ranch, who has plenty of knowledge but lacking in physical experience, the player can earn the right to farm the ranch, through phasing, to plant seeds for cooking ingredients. Upon reaching Revered (Note that level 90 is not required), you may also plant special seeds that produce profession materials. All faction increases and dailies with the Tillers revolve around using the farm and improving it, or helping out your new neighbors. Unlocking Sunsong Ranch will also unlock the Tillers Shrine, another way to check your standing with individual Tillers, and a visual indicator of how many votes you've gotten for the two of you to join the Tillers.

Once you have unlocked four patches of soil with Farmer Yoon's quests, you can plant whatever seeds you can buy, and grow a plant that will become Ripe when daily quests reset. At level 90, harvesting a plant gives a small amount of reputation. For Vegetables, unless the next day is a bountiful time for a certain crop (you can pay Jogu the Drunk to see what that will be), or your plant becomes big and Plump, you will get five ingredients from one seed. A bountiful day will give you seven instead, and a Plump crop will give you three extra (Note you can have a plump bountiful crop). Also, harvesting vegetable crops have a 50% chance of producing 1-3 seeds of that crop, and there is a rare chance to get a Tiller gift (see Known members further down). There is also the chance that your seed will immediately grow into a Bursting plant, which can be harvested right away and can give extra if its currently a bountiful day for that crop (As predicted the day before).

Naturally, budding crops need care, whether from pests (big or small), weeds, or just making sure that the plant is healthy. As Yoon will show you, his grandpa's Inv misc bugsprayer [Vintage Bug Sprayer] and Spell misc wateringcan [Rusty Watering Can] can assist you with some of this. Other solutions will require a more hands-on approach, something an experienced adventurer is more than equipped to deal with. If you're not sure what to do about a status problem, Yoon can be asked for specific advice. With the problem out of the way, one only needs to wait until their Growing crop is ready for harvesting. However, if you plant something that you later want to get rid of for whatever reason, the Inv misc shovel 01 [Dented Shovel] can help you dig up the Growing plant and have that spot ready for another crop.

Reaching different levels of reputation with the Tillers will unlock a short questline to expand your farm, and a local NPC will then spend 15 minutes to upgrade the ranch by clearing another quarter section of the field. This clearing requires you to be online for it to progress. Each upgrade will give you four more patches of soil to farm. Yoon will mail you a letter to remind you that an upgrade is available, along with a Inv misc bag 35 [Basic Seed Pack].

The first opportunity to do so will be upon reaching Honored, which Gai Lan does by clearing weeds with his weed sprayer. The second is at Revered, at which Fish Fellreed will repair the Broken Wagon (and unlock the story of how it got that way), which also clears the weeds around it, and sets it beside the road. The third is at Exalted, at which Haohan Mudclaw will bring over his mushan beast Thunder to repeatedly ram the Mossy Boulder until it's destroyed.

The first and second upgrades to the farm have no special requirements beyond reputation and level 90. The third upgrade to the farm requires that Yoon and you be members of the Tillers, which requires you to have gotten all 5 votes.

When each of the three quarter sections of the field are cleared of certain obstacles, kits can be bought from Gina Mudclaw to make working the farm faster. By clearing the weeds, then fixing the Broken Wagon, and then removing the Mossy Boulder, you will unlock an irrigation kit, an anti-pest system, and a plow, respectively.


  1. Neutral:
    1. N [15-35] A Helping Hand (+900)
    2. N [15-35] Learn and Grow I: Seeds (+500)
    3. N [15-35] Learn and Grow II: Tilling and Planting (+500)
    4. N [15-35] Learn and Grow III: Tending Crops (+500)
    5. N [15-35] Learn and Grow IV: Harvesting (+700)
  2. Friendly:
    1. N [15-35] Learn and Grow V: Halfhill Market (+999)
      • Dailies now available
    2. N [15-35] Learn and Grow VI: Gina's Vote (+1400)
  3. Honored:
    1. N [15-35] Growing the Farm I: The Weeds (+500)
    2. N [15-35] Growing the Farm I: A Little Problem (+500)
  4. Honored 5,500/12,000:
    1. N [15-35] Mung-Mung's Vote I: A Hozen's Problem (+400)
    2. N [15-35] Mung-Mung's Vote II: Rotten to the Core (+400)
    3. N [15-35] Mung-Mung's Vote III: The Great Carrot Caper (+400)
  5. Revered:
    1. N [15-35] Growing the Farm II: The Broken Wagon (+500)
    2. N [15-35] Growing the Farm II: Knock on Wood (+500)
    3. Barnaby Fletcher (optional):
      1. N [15-35] A Shabby New Face (+10)
      2. N [15-35] One Magical, Flying Kingdom's Trash... (+75)
  6. Revered 4,000/21,000:
    1. N [15-35] Farmer Fung's Vote I: Yak Attack (+250)
    2. N [15-35] Farmer Fung's Vote II: On the Loose (+250)
    3. N [15-35] Farmer Fung's Vote III: Crazy For Cabbage (+400)
  7. Revered 8,500/21,000:
    1. N [15-35] Nana's Vote I: Nana's Secret Recipe (+400)
    2. N [15-35] Nana's Vote II: The Sacred Springs (+400)
    3. N [15-35] Nana's Vote III: Witchberry Julep (+400)
  8. Revered 12,600/21,000 (Lost Dog, optional):
    1. N [15-35] Lost and Lonely (+500)
  9. Revered 16,800/21,000:
    1. N [15-35] Haohan's Vote I: Bungalow Break-In (+300)
    2. N [15-35] Haohan's Vote II: The Real Culprits (+300)
    3. N [15-35] Haohan's Vote III: Pure Poison (+300)
    4. N [15-35] Haohan's Vote IV: Melons For Felons (+300)
  10. Revered 20,000/21,000:
    1. N [15-35] Haohan's Vote V: Chief Yip-Yip (+1000)
  11. Exalted:
    1. N [15-35] Growing the Farm III: The Mossy Boulder
    2. N [15-35] A Second Hand
  12. Exalted with all 16 plots unlocked
    1. N [15-35] Inherit the Earth

Known members[]

Many members of the Tillers track their individual friendliness level with adventurers, shown on their gossip windows. Such members have a preferred gift and food that will increase the adventurer's standing with them. The gifts can be found randomly in Dark Soil piles all over the Heartland, while their food can be created with Zen-level Cooking.

Each member will have a daily to turn in food, in a stack of five. Gifts can be given at any time to any member, but giving preferred gifts will reward more reputation.

Member Gift Food
Dish Ingredients Specialty Skill
Neutral Chee Chee Inv feather 13 [Blue Feather] Inv misc food cooked valleystirfry [Valley Stir Fry] Inv misc fish 102 [Reef Octopus], Inv misc food meat pheasantbreast [Wildfowl Breast] Way of the Wok 550
Neutral Ella Trade archaeology catstatueemeraldeyes [Jade Cat] Inv misc food cooked shrimpdumplings [Shrimp Dumplings] Inv misc fish 101 [Giant Mantis Shrimp] Way of the Steamer 525
Neutral Fish Fellreed Trade archaeology catstatueemeraldeyes [Jade Cat] Inv misc food cooked twinfishplatter [Twin Fish Platter] Inv misc fish 93 [Krasarang Paddlefish] x2 Way of the Oven 550
Neutral Farmer Fung Inv misc herb frostlotus [Marsh Lily] Inv misc food cooked wildfowlroast [Wildfowl Roast] Inv misc food meat pheasantbreast [Wildfowl Breast] Way of the Oven 525
Neutral Old Hillpaw Inv feather 13 [Blue Feather] Inv misc food cooked braisedturtle [Braised Turtle] Inv misc food meat forestboarmeat [Raw Turtle Meat], Inv misc food vendor carrot [Juicycrunch Carrot] x5 Way of the Pot 550
Neutral Jogu the Drunk Inv misc food 19 [Lovely Apple] Inv misc food cooked sauteedcarrots [Sauteed Carrots] Inv misc food vendor carrot [Juicycrunch Carrot] x2 Way of the Wok 525
Neutral Gina Mudclaw Inv misc herb frostlotus [Marsh Lily] Inv misc food cooked swirlingmistsoup [Swirling Mist Soup] Inv misc fish 95 [Jade Lungfish] Way of the Pot 525
Neutral Haohan Mudclaw Inv jewelcrafting gem 16 [Ruby Shard] Inv misc food cooked tigersteak [Charbroiled Tiger Steak] Inv misc food meat rawtigersteak [Raw Tiger Steak] Way of the Grill 525
Neutral Tina Mudclaw Inv jewelcrafting gem 16 [Ruby Shard] Inv misc food cooked firespiritsalmon [Fire Spirit Salmon] Inv misc fish 98 [Emperor Salmon], Inv misc food vendor scallions [Scallions] x5 Way of the Steamer 550
Neutral Sho Inv misc food 19 [Lovely Apple] Inv misc food cooked eternalblossomfish [Eternal Blossom Fish] Inv misc fish 95 [Jade Lungfish], Inv misc food vendor stripedmelon [Striped Melon] x5 Way of the Grill 550

To give all ten members of the Tillers their preferred meal each day, the following ingredients are required, ordered by quantity:

Conspicuously absent from the list of cooking specializations above is Achievement cooking masterofthestill [Way of the Brew]. However, Jogu offers various quests requiring the Way of the Brew as you progress through his reputation.

Other members of the Tillers track standing based on the overall faction and not individually:


The Tillers Union is controlled by five council members, each with their own duties and responsibilities. Haohan Mudclaw heads the council, but most major decisions are voted on. The council members are:

It would appear that controlling council members may appoint a replacement for themselves at their own discretion,[3] though likely only members of the Tillers Union may be considered for the job.

NPC locations[]

When the NPCs are not visiting the market you can find them on this map:

Reputation ranks[]

In addition to the main Tillers reputation, your character has friendship reputation with each major Tiller NPC. There are six levels of Friendship reputation; the first five require 8400 rep to advance:

  1. Stranger
  2. Acquaintance
  3. Buddy
  4. Friend
  5. Good Friend
  6. Best Friend

Chee Chee, Ella and Sho each have short, personal questlines to do once you become Buddies, which advance when you reach higher levels of friendship. Only Jogu is the exception at Acquaintance, as going through his utilizes leveling the Way of the Brew. Chee Chee needs help finding his prized sheep Sheepie, Ella is too shy to ask the other Tillers for help with her dream of becoming a top-notch brewer, and Sho assigns you to eliminate threats to the farmers in the Valley.

Upon reaching Best Friend, you'll no longer be able to hand in cooking or Dark Soil items to the NPC (as there would be no point). Once you become Best Friends with all 10 Tillers, the special seeds available from Merchant Greenfield at Revered will replace the Tiller gifts looted from food crops.


Gina Mudclaw
<The Tillers Quatermaster>
Rep Item Cost Type
Best Friends with
Old Hillpaw
Inv helm cloth sunhat b 01 [Straw Hat] (cloth) 10c Vanity
Inv helm cloth sunhat b 01 [Straw Hat] (leather) 10c Vanity
Inv helm cloth sunhat b 01 [Straw Hat] (mail) 10c Vanity
Inv helm cloth sunhat b 01 [Straw Hat] (plate) 10c Vanity
Quests Inv crate 03 ["Jinyu Princess" Irrigation System] 100g Farm upgrade
Inv crate 02 ["Thunder King" Pest Repellers] 100g Farm upgrade
Inv crate 05 ["Earth-Slasher" Master Plow] 100g Farm upgrade
Revered Achievement faction tillers [Grand Commendation of the Tillers] 50g Rep token
Trade archaeology troll voodoodoll [Pandaren Scarecrow] 250g Vanity effect
Exalted Ability mount goatmountbrown [Reins of the Brown Riding Goat] 500g Riding (300)
Ability mount goatmountblack [Reins of the Black Riding Goat] 1500g Riding (300)
Ability mount goatmountwhite [Reins of the White Riding Goat] 3250g Riding (300)
Achievement faction tillers [Tillers Tabard] 10g Tabard
Inv weapon shortblade 37 [Gin-Ji Knife Set] 250g Vanity effect
Inv summerfest fireflower [Mourning Glory] 125g Vanity effect
Inv scroll 03 [Recipe: Spicy Salmon] 1g Cooking (500)
Inv scroll 03 [Recipe: Spicy Vegetable Chips] 1g Cooking (500)

Patch changes[]


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