Homeworld Azeroth
Environment Temperate and warm forests and marshes
Area(s) Teldrassil
Language(s) No known language
Height 4 ft
Weight 50 lbs
Organization(s) Solitary, pair, clump (3–4), or patch (5–12)
Alignment Always neutral
Sources: Monster Guide, 133-135

Timberlings are mobile plants that live in swamps or alongside rivers or lakes. They can be found in Teldrassil and the Swamp of Sorrows. The timberlings of Teldrassil are elementals of nature.[1] In some ways they reflect the natural order of plants and animals on Teldrassil, but they have become corrupted and aggressive due to  [Fel Moss].[2] Two notable timberlings of Teldrassil are Oakenscowl and Blackmoss the Fetid.

In World of Warcraft, these creatures are classified as elementals.

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

A timberling is a twisted mass of branches, vines, and leaves that lumbers forward, rustling with each step. Its body has a vaguely humanoid shape, standing four feet high and weighing around 50 pounds. They do not speak or understand any known language.

They are normally peaceful creatures that live in harmony with the land, but any sort of disruption (such as pollution) drives them into an unnatural frenzy. An angered timberling attacks anything that moves. Timberlings can be made peaceful again only by removing the source of their discomfort and returning the land to its natural state. A symptom of the timberling's current disease are tumors within their bodies, filled with poison.

Timberlings attack by forming their woody limbs into fist-like appendages. When they strike a foe, they leave behind a clump of shoots that expand rapidly, enhancing weaknesses in the victim's defenses. Timberlings attack the nearest enemy, pummeling until the foe stops moving.[3]




  • The plant creatures bog beast and thistleshrub and the elemental creature tar beast, while using the same model as timberlings, are listed as separate types of creatures.[4]


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Bog beasts?

Timberlings may be a sub-category of bog beast, as it is said there are bog beasts on Teldrassil near Lake Al'Ameth.[5]