AllianceTimberling Sprouts
Start Denalan
End Denalan
Level 1-30
Category Teldrassil
Experience 980 XP
Reputation Darnassus +350
Rewards  [Gardening Gloves] or
 [Graystone Bracers]
Previous A [1-30] Denalan's Earth


Collect 10 Timberling Sprouts.


Small timberlings are sprouting around the waters of Lake Al'Ameth. I'm afraid these sprouts are beyond help -- we should try to clear them from the land before they grow large enough to cause trouble.

When you're wandering the lake, if you see any timberling sprouts please take them. Help keep our land clean!


Hello, <name>. Have you found any sprouts near the waters?


That's a lot! I'm afraid they're spreading at a dangerous rate. I hope I can solve the riddle of what is tainting them.

Thank you for your help, <name>. The land is a cleaner place from your efforts.


You will be allowed to choose one of the following:

You will be allowed to choose one of the following:
Inv gauntlets 114.png [Gardening Gloves] Inv bracer 61.png [Graystone Bracers]

You will also receive 6s.


You will need one inventory spot open to retrieve Timberling Sprouts, which are required to complete this quest. Timberling Sprouts can be found around Lake Al'Ameth.

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  1. A [1-30] A Troubling Breeze
  2. A [1-30] Gnarlpine Corruption
  3. A [1-30] The Relics of Wakening
    1. A [1-30] The Sleeping Druid
    2. A [1-30] Druid of the Claw
  4. A [1-30] Ursal the Mauler
  5. A [1-30] Denalan's Earth
  6. A [1-30] Timberling Seeds & A [1-30] Timberling Sprouts
  7. A [1-30] Rellian Greenspyre
  8. A [1-30] Mossy Tumors
  9. A [1-30] Oakenscowl

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