HordeTimbermaw Hold
Start Darla Drilldozer
End Nafien
Level 15-30
Category Felwood
Experience 1,630 XP
Reputation +25 rep with Timbermaw Hold
Rewards 18s
Previous H [15-30] Fire in the Hole!
Next N [15-30] Deadwood of the North


Speak with Nafien at the entrance to Timbermaw Hold.


Okay, I know this is a longshot, but I figure it never hurts to ask.

While I deal with the fallout of all the ridiculous nonsense that just went on here, I need you to go speak to some bears. The Timbermaw furbolg control the forests to the northeast, and they're not too fond of us.

I just need someone to give them the idea the Horde isn't all that bad. Head northeast up the road to Timbermaw Hold--don't go into Felpaw Village--and ask the furbolg outside if they have any favors they'd like done.


We furbolg are not foolish, <name>. We will not yield Timbermaw Hold to any askers.

However, we are also in dire need of assistance. If you help us, we will grant you our favor and allow you passage.


You will receive: 18s



  1. H [15-30] A Flare Fight & H [15-30] It's Time to Oil Up
  2. H [15-30] Take it to the Tree & H [15-30] Wisp-napping
  3. H [15-30] Slap and Cap & H [15-30] Is Your Oil Running?
  4. H [15-30] Pikwik in Peril
  5. H [15-30] Turn It Off! Turn It Off!
  6. H [15-30] Fire in the Hole!
  7. H [15-30] Timbermaw Hold (optional breadcrumb to Timbermaw Hold)

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