Time-Lost Glade.

The Time-Lost Glade is a forested wetland high in the mountains of Nagrand. It is where Garrosh Hellscream betrayed and killed Kairoz and took his fragment of the  [Vision of Time]. Kairoz's death left the immediate area temporally unstable, allowing several Time-Lost creatures - including the ogres that populate the area in Outland - to come into the glade. During N [100] Tarnished Bronze, Chromie leads Khadgar and the commander to the glade to put Kairoz's spirit to rest.


  • This area became the ogre-dominated Barrier Hills in the main timeline.
  • The corpse of a Time-Lost Proto Drake can be found near the edge of the cliff on the western side of the glade. There are no living Time-Lost Proto Drakes in Nagrand, and it is thus simply an easter egg for those who "lost time" hunting the drake in the Storm Peaks.

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