Time-Lost Shrine

Time-Lost Shrines are found all over the Timeless Isle. They are always present on the isle, but only occasionally will they reactivate. The first player to use the shrine after it reactivates gains a buff, and then the shrine deactivates itself for a time.

Interacting with one will provide an hour-long buff given by one of the four August Celestials:

  • Inv pet crane.png  Chi-Ji's Hope — Increases critical strike, haste, and mastery by 25% for 60 min. 
    • "Hope's fire grows when the flames come together."
  • Ability monk chargingoxwave.png  Fortitude of Niuzao — Reduces damage taken by 25% for 60 min. 
    • "Though blood floods the ground, the mountain is unmoved."
  • Ability monk summontigerstatue.png  Xuen's Strength — Increases damage dealt by 15% for 60 min. 
    • "Strength and power are as different as sun and moon."
  • Inv pet jadeserpentpet.png  Wisdom of Yu'lon — Increases all stats by 20% for 60 min. 
    • "The truth shines brightest in clouded times."


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