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Time Lost Chest

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Time Lost Chest
The chest location

The Time Lost Chest is found under lava in the Slag Pit of Searing Gorge.


How to loot

The chest is located just underneath the bridge in the lava.
  1. Be sure N Blacksmithing [100] Strange New Ores has been completed, else the chest will not contain any loot.
  2. Obtain a  [Lava Oil] from Searing Flamewraiths located at the second cave entrance from the right.[47, 46]
  3. Travel to the fourth cave entrance from the right.[41, 54]
  4. Use the Lava Oil and jump down right away from the metal bridge on the right, the chest is located in the lava. The chest takes 10 seconds to open.
    1. Don't try to use the Lava Oil while in the lava as the lava will cancel the cast as it causes damage.
  5.  [Hearthstone] out, as the area to get out of the lava is on the other side.

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