NeutralTime to Reflect
Start Uther [25.7, 65.2]
End Polemarch Adrestes [55.6, 42.0]
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Bastion
Experience 850
Rewards 2g 34s
Previous N [60] Her Will, Inflicted
Next N [60] A Touch of Humility


Exit the Maw, then return to Polemarch Adrestes in Elysian Hold.


I knew that Devos had powerful allies. I turned a blind eye. When Lysonia took her place... I was blinded by my loyalty.

I have much to reflect on.

We may not be allies, but I have one request. Please, escort me from this wretched place. I will leave you be... but do not leave me here in the Maw.


You will receive:

  • 2g 34s
  • 850 XP


It is unfortunate to hear that Lysonia has escaped us again... The revelations of both her master and her new powers are quite concerning.


On accept:

Kleia says: Haste is more important than stealth now. Let us fly to the waystone and escape the Maw quickly.

Speak with her again:

We must pursue Lysonia at all costs. She cannot be allowed to strike again!

Gossip Let's fly to the waystone.

Uther says: I must thank you for saving me from Lysonia's abuse. I fear that there would be nothing left of me if you had not intervened when you did.
Kleia says: How do you fare, Uther?
Uther says: I am in pain, but nothing I have not felt before. My wounds shall heal.
Kleia says: Though we may be enemies, it would not have been right to leave you to suffer.
Uther says: I believe we are quite alike, Kleia.
Kleia says: Perhaps one day we can speak more of that. For now, let us escape this wretched place.
Kleia says: After you, Maw Walker.

In Oribos:

Kleia says: Where do you go now, Uther? Surely you do not return to the Forsworn.
Uther says: No, child. The Forsworn are not what I once thought... I doubt they ever were. I must find peace and isolation. I have much to consider.
Kleia says: Some important reflection... I understand well. I hope you find what you seek.
Uther says: As do I. Thank you.

Return to Elysian Hold to turn in.


  1. N [60] On Lysonia's Trail
  2. N [60] Aerial Reconnaissance
  3. N [60] Sacred Scrolls of Humility, N [60] Succumbing to Pride, N [60] Compassion, Blade of Humility
  4. N [60] Distorted by the Maw, N [60] Fallen to Their Vices
  5. N [60] Lysonia's Plan
  6. N [60] The Power of the Maw
  7. N [60] A Step Too Far, N [60] Kyrian No More
  8. N [60] Her Will, Inflicted
  9. N [50] Time to Reflect
  10. N [60] A Touch of Humility

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