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Timeless Champion is an exploration achievement earned for killing all of the rare creatures on Timeless Isle.

Most Timeless Champions have a respawn time in the 30 minute–1 hour window, and spawn independently of any other mobs. The Emerald Gander, Imperial Python, Ironfur Steelhorn, and Monstrous Spineclaw each have a slim chance to spawn instead of their normal versions, and can respawn as frequently as instantly. For example, to spawn the Ironfur Steelhorn, keep killing groups of normal and elite yaks.

The one true rare mob on the isle is Golganarr, whose respawn timer is estimated to be somewhere between 12 and 24 hours. Golganarr will yell zone-wide when he spawns, however. Golganarr has a fixed spawn location (next to the bridge support between Firewalker Ruins and the Blazing Way) and is independent of the Eroded Cliffdwellers in the Red Stone Run.

A few other rare mobs in the achievement are the "boss" of events at Old Pi'jiu (Really Skunky Beer) and the easternmost part of the sunken ship, The Barnacle (Battle of the Barnacle). The Archiereus of Flame is normally found inside Ordon Sanctuary, which requires a legendary cloak to access the central court. The Archiereus can also be summoned by players at honored standing with Emperor Shaohao by using a  [Scroll of Challenge] at Three-Breeze Terrace.


Rare Location
Archiereus of Flame Ordon Sanctuary and Three-Breeze Terrace
Bufo Croaking Hollow
Champion of the Black Flame Blazing Way
Chelon Timeless Shore
Cinderfall Firewalkers' Path
Cranegnasher Northeast of Old Pi'jiu
Dread Ship Vazuvius Misty Strand
Emerald Gander Celestial Court woods
Evermaw Waters offshore
Flintlord Gairan Ordon Sanctuary outside
Garnia Ruby Lake
Golganarr Red Stone Run
Great Turtle Furyshell Timeless Shore
Gu'chi the Swarmbringer Old Pi'jiu outskirts
Huolon Blazing Way
Imperial Python Celestial Court woods
Ironfur Steelhorn Celestial Court woods
Jakur of Ordon Firewalker Ruins
Karkanos Old Pi'jiu docks
Leafmender Blazing Way
Monstrous Spineclaw Timeless Shore
Rattleskew The Barnacle
Rock Moss Cavern of Lost Spirits
Spelurk Mysterious Den
Spirit of Jadefire Cavern of Lost Spirits
Tsavo'ka Tsavo'ka's Den
Urdur the Cauterizer Ordon Sanctuary west room
Watcher Osu Firewalker Ruins
Zesqua East of Old Pi'jiu
Zhu-Gon the Sour Old Pi'jiu

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