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Timeless armor tokens are somewhat common drops from all mobs on the Timeless Isle, found much more commonly on rare and rare elite mobs, and additionally are often found inside any treasure chest on the isle. As acquired, timeless loot tokens are bind to account and will create an item level 496 randomly-enchanted item that is usable for the player's currently-selected loot specialization.

By using a  [Burden of Eternity] on any of the below tokens, players can instead create an item level 535 epic randomly-enchanted item, rather than a 496 item. All items created in this way will have a green "Timeless" tag at the top of the tooltip.


There are 36 timeless armor tokens in the game, capable of creating items for all classes and specs:

Slot Cloth Leather Mail Plate
Head  [Timeless Cloth Helm]  [Timeless Leather Helm]  [Timeless Mail Helm]  [Timeless Plate Helm]
Shoulders  [Timeless Cloth Spaulders]  [Timeless Leather Spaulders]  [Timeless Mail Spaulders]  [Timeless Plate Spaulders]
Chest  [Timeless Cloth Robes]  [Timeless Leather Chestpiece]  [Timeless Mail Chestpiece]  [Timeless Plate Chestpiece]
Wrist  [Timeless Cloth Bracers]  [Timeless Leather Bracers]  [Timeless Mail Bracers]  [Timeless Plate Bracers]
Hands  [Timeless Cloth Gloves]  [Timeless Leather Gloves]  [Timeless Mail Gloves]  [Timeless Plate Gloves]
Waist  [Timeless Cloth Belt]  [Timeless Leather Belt]  [Timeless Mail Belt]  [Timeless Plate Belt]
Legs  [Timeless Cloth Leggings]  [Timeless Leather Leggings]  [Timeless Mail Leggings]  [Timeless Plate Leggings]
Feet  [Timeless Cloth Boots]  [Timeless Leather Boots]  [Timeless Mail Boots]  [Timeless Plate Boots]

Other slots:

Additionally, armor caches are available for purchase from Mistweaver Ai for 7,500 Timeless Coin each:

Item names

Items created with timeless armor tokens will have a set name based on the loot specialization of the creating character:

Type Focus Item prefix
Cloth Healer Amaranthine
Cloth Intellect DPS Cloudscorcher
Leather Agility Cranefeather
Leather Intellect Fire-Chanter
Mail Agility Crimsonscale
Mail Intellect Ordon Legend-Keeper
Plate Strength DPS Cliffbreaker
Plate Strength tank Elder Tortoiseshell
Plate Intellect Everbright

Trinkets are an exception to the rule:

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