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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.
For other timelines, see Timeline (disambiguation).

Most of the books in the Warcraft RPG and World of Warcraft RPG are set in a specific chronological order. In many cases, the exact chronological order is mentioned in each released book's introduction or can be deduced by information within the book. This article discusses the timeline created by the chronological order of the books, along with citations when available. This article is not concerned with the published order of the books, but when they are chronologically set (or the furthest extent of its information).

RPG Book Timeline[]

  • Manual of Monsters covers information concerning the period around the time of The Frozen Throne (especially Appendix II).
  • More Magic and Mayhem — Four years after Dalaran destroyed,[7] it contains information from across the timeline and mentions information from the period of the MMORPG.
  • Lands of Mystery is set more or less directly after Lands of Conflict, around the same year as the World of Warcraft: RPG. Brann's book covers material set before the World of Warcraft MMORPG, the book is set about twenty years since the end of the Second War, 5 years since Arthas killed his father, and about two years after events of The Frozen Throne.[8]
  • Monster Guide's "present" appears to be set just before the reopening of the Dark Portal and contains info that leads into The Burning Crusade. The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj have not yet opened, though there are rumors of an impending invasion. Blood elves and Forsaken are starting to see eye to eye and may share the same goals.
  • Dark Factions is set before TBC before the blood elves joined the Horde. The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj have just been opened and the events of the Naxxrammas patch are beginning. Forsaken and blood elves are almost allied.

Misc. notes[]

  • The position of Monster Guide is somewhat unclear. It could fit just before Horde Player's Guide, during, or just after. The references are fairly vague. While it talks of a possible impending invasion of the qiraji, there is no mention if C'thun has awakened yet. The discussion of impending invasions of the qiraji occur as early as Lands of Mystery, with no mention of C'thun awakening at those times. Horde Player's Guide is specific that C'thun has just awakened at the time of that book.
  • Alliance Player's Guide, Horde Player's Guide, and Dark Factions ("Independent Player's Guide") represent miscellanious notes for a single school book Brann is planning to publish. They may represent notes he had written over the course of a year. The books were written specifically after Lands of Conflict and Lands of Mystery. Brann mentions that he is done covering the lands and wants to return to cover the various cultures. The introduction to each book mentions that he is revisiting many of the places from his previous books to learn more information about the various cultures.
  • Alliance Player's Guide is definitely set before Horde Player's Guide. In Horde Player's Guide, Brann states that he already covered the Alliance material in the previous book and is starting on sections covering the Horde (he refers back to Alliance Player's Guide many times throughout the book). In his introductory note in Dark Factions, he mentions having already previously covered material in both Alliance Player's Guide and Horde Player's Guide. He mentions that Dark Factions is his chance to cover the Independent races. So generally speaking, each player's guide takes place chronologically after the previous "player's guide" in the series.
  • However, some of the material may have been written around the same time by Brann, and may chronologically overlap. This is, however, not clear in the books.