This article is about the timeline for the other games. For the MMO, see Timeline (World of Warcraft). For other timelines, see Timeline (disambiguation).

This page follows the timeline from the release of Warcraft: Orcs & Humans up to Warcraft III through present day in its culture as it applies to the players, helping us remember exactly when things happened.


What started it all...

November 15Warcraft: Orcs & Humans released for MS-DOS in North America.


December 9Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness released in North America


April 30Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal released in North America


January 6Warcraft II: The Dark Saga released for PlayStation in North America.

Thrall in a cell at Durnholde Keep from Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans.

March 17Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans announced.

August 31Warcraft II: The Dark Saga released for Sega Saturn in North America.


May 22Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans cancelled.


October 8Warcraft II: Edition released in North America.


The reign of chaos has begun...

July 3Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos released in North America.

July 5Warcraft III patch 1.01 released.

July 10Warcraft III patch 1.01b released.

July 31Warcraft III patch 1.01c released.

August 16Warcraft III patch 1.02 released.

September 6Warcraft III patch 1.02a released.

October 9Warcraft III patch 1.03 released.

November 4Warcraft III patch 1.04 released.

November 7Warcraft III patch 1.04b released.


January 30Warcraft III patch 1.04c released.

January 31Warcraft III patch 1.05 released.

June 3Warcraft III patch 1.06 released.

The Frozen Throne box cover.

July 1Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne released in North America (as patch 1.07).

July 3Warcraft III patch 1.10 released.

July 15Warcraft III patch 1.11 released.

July 31Warcraft III patch 1.12 released.

December 16Warcraft III patch 1.13 released.

December 19Warcraft III patch 1.13b released.


January 7Warcraft III patch 1.14 released.

January 10Warcraft III patch 1.14b released.

May 10Warcraft III patch 1.15 released.

July 1Warcraft III patch 1.16 released.

September 20Warcraft III patch 1.17 released.


March 1Warcraft III patch 1.18 released.

September 19Warcraft III patch 1.19 released.

September 21Warcraft III patch 1.19b released.

October 3Warcraft III patch 1.20a released.

December 12Warcraft III patch 1.20b released.


January 9Warcraft III patch 1.20c released.

April 21Warcraft III patch 1.20d released.

June 22Warcraft III patch 1.20e released.


January 22Warcraft III patch 1.21 released.


February 6Warcraft III patch 1.21b released.

June 30Warcraft III patch 1.22 released.


March 20Warcraft III patch 1.23 released.

August 4Warcraft III patch 1.24a released.

August 25Warcraft III patch 1.24b released.

December 1Warcraft III patch 1.24c released.


January 21Warcraft III patch 1.24d released.

March 11Warcraft III patch 1.24e released.


March 8Warcraft III patch 1.25b released.

March 24Warcraft III patch 1.26a released.


Sometime... - Classic Games team formed


March 14Warcraft III patch 1.27a released.

September 11 - Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans leaked.

December 13Warcraft III patch 1.27b released.


April 5Warcraft III patch 1.28 released.

April 27Warcraft III patch 1.28.1 released.

May 10Warcraft III patch 1.28.2 released.

June 20Warcraft III patch 1.28.3 and patch 1.28.4 released.

July 6Warcraft III patch 1.28.5 released.

August 25Warcraft III patch 1.28.6 released.


February 21Warcraft III patch 1.29.0 released.

March 15Warcraft III patch 1.29.0a released.

April 10Warcraft III patch 1.29.0b released.

April 23Warcraft III patch 1.29.1 released.

May 3Warcraft III patch 1.29.2 released.

August 8Warcraft III patch 1.30.0 released.

August 9Warcraft III patch 1.30.0a released.

September 13Warcraft III patch 1.30.1 released.

A reforged Warcraft III...

November 2-3 - BlizzCon

November 30Warcraft III patch 1.30.2 released.


January 4Warcraft III patch 1.30.3 released.

January 7Warcraft III patch 1.30.3a released.

January 14Warcraft III patch 1.30.4 released.'s Warcraft bundle release.

March 28Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft II: Edition were released on

April 1Warcraft II: Edition Hotfix v2 was released for the release.

April 3

  • A Warcraft: Orcs & Humans Hotfix was released for the release
  • Warcraft II: Edition Hotfix v3 was released for the release.

April 12Warcraft II: Edition Hotfix v4 was released for the release.

May 28Warcraft III patch 1.31.0 released.

June 10Warcraft III patch 1.31.1 released.


January 28/29 - Warcraft III: Reforged has released (as patch 1.32.0).

February 6Warcraft III patch 1.32.1 released.

February 24Warcraft III patch 1.32.2 released.

March 18Warcraft III patch 1.32.3 released.

April 28Warcraft III patch 1.32.4 released.

April 29Warcraft III patch 1.32.5 released.

May 5 - Warcraft II: The Dark Saga's PlayStation source code leaked.

June 2Warcraft III patch 1.32.6 released.

July 7Warcraft III patch 1.32.7 released.

August 11Warcraft III patch 1.32.8 released.

October 21Warcraft III patch 1.32.9 released.


April 13Warcraft III patch 1.32.10 released.