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"Times Change" is the cinematic opening theme for World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor.



The camera flies over a densely-wooded landscape at night. A winding line of many torches can be seen through the canopy, leading up to a mountain in the distance. The mountain's silhouette stands stark in front of a pale moon.
[35 years ago]
Atop the mountain, many orcs have gathered before a circular basin glowing with a foul green liquid—the blood of the pit lord Mannoroth. Gul'dan stands beside it, facing the crowd, while Grommash Hellscream approaches. Gul'dan dips a cup into the blood and presents it to Grommash, who takes it with a snarl. Grommash inspects the contents of the cup for a moment, then recoils in disgust at the smell of it.
Gul'dan: Drink, Hellscream. Claim your destiny. You will all be conquerors.
Grommash curls his lip as Gul'dan speaks. He glances over his shoulder at a hooded figure behind him, who nods. Grommash lifts the cup as if to drink, but stops.
Grommash Hellscream: And what, Gul'dan, must we give in return?
Gul'dan pushes his hood back a bit to reveal his gnarled green skin and bright red eyes.
Gul'dan: Everything.
Grommash scowls and pours the blood back into the basin. Gul'dan clenches his hands into fists out of frustration. However, a derisive laugh comes from off-screen, prompting Gul'dan to back away in deference.
Mannoroth: You would reject this gift?
Grommash braces himself and turns around. Mannoroth strides forward, his wings spread wide and his voice dripping with arrogance.
Mannoroth: And did you bring these mongrels here... just to watch you DIE?
Grommash smirks as a volley of fireballs flies through the sky behind him. One of them strikes Gul'dan, and Mannoroth roars. The hooded figure, Garrosh Hellscream, is seen waving a torch in the direction the fireballs were launched from. Then, he turns to a group of orcs beside him.
Garrosh Hellscream: Now!
The orcs bring out a small siege engine with a spinning metal core. It winds up for a moment, then launches a pair of chains that function as a net, pinning Mannoroth to a wall. He cuts the chains with his spear, then fires a bolt of felflame at Grommash. The orc dives out of the way, and the bolt narrowly misses the siege engine. Grommash catches sight of it and has an idea; he breaks into a sprint toward the machine, dodging Mannoroth's barrage as he goes.
Grommash reaches the machine, starts it, and turns it to face the pit lord. As Mannoroth readies another blast, Grommash tears the siege engine in two, breaking the still-spinning core free of its frame. The core speeds toward Mannoroth, launches off a ramp, and explodes where it lands in front of him. Mannoroth reels for a moment, then looks around wildly; he's lost sight of his opponent.
Moments later, Grommash leaps from the flames and plants his axe squarely in Mannoroth's forehead. The pit lord screams, and flames begin to explode off of him. As Garrosh picks himself off the ground, he notices Grommash seemingly stuck in place, transfixed before a fiery death. He runs and tackles Grommash to the ground just before the explosion can consume him.
The scene fades back in on Mannoroth's motionless body. Streams of blood trail down his face and onto the ground around him. The camera pans over to Gul'dan, who sits nearby, distraught. Garrosh kneels and places a firm hand on the warlock's shoulder.
Gul'dan: This was not our destiny.
Garrosh pulls off his own hood.
Garrosh Hellscream: Times change.
He pushes hard against Gul'dan's shoulder, stands up, and walks over to the corpse of Mannoroth. Garrosh pulls the axe from the demon's head and tosses it to Grommash. Grom turns toward the crowd of orcs and thrusts his axe into the air.
Grommash Hellscream: We will never be slaves!
The other orcs hold their weapons aloft and cheer. The scene changes to show the trees again, this time in the light of the day.
Grommash Hellscream: But we WILL be conquerors.
The orcs' torches now lead not to the mountain, but to a massive, unfinished stone gate surrounded by construction scaffolding—a new Dark Portal.