Tinkers' Court

The Tinkers' Court, also called high tinker's court,[1] is a room within Gnomeregan, located beyond the Dark Iron-filled tunnels leading from the Launch Bay's and Engineering Labs' lower levels. It used to be a meeting place to the gnomish nation's elected High Tinker and his Court, including Gelbin Mekkatorque[2] and other high tinkers before him. Tinkmaster Overspark was a member of the ruling council.[3]

Since the fall of Gnomeregan, however, the self-stylized King of Gnomeregan Mekgineer Thermaplugg has resided in the room with his minions as the last dungeon boss. As of Legion, Endgineer Omegaplugg can also be fought here when activated by clicking the PUSH ME! button behind the first column on the left.

If the players have come through the backdoor using the  [Workshop Key], they will have to go through the Engineering Labs on their way to Tinkers' Court, and should then proceed to the Launch Bay if they want to kill all the dungeon's bosses. If the players accessed it from the front, they might have not yet done the Engineering Labs and the boss there.


  • In the pet battle instance, critters and Bloated Leper Rat are fought at the entrance while Gnomeregan Guard Mechanostrider, Gnomeregan Guard Tiger, Gnomeregan Guard Wolf, and Pulverizer Bot Mk 6001 are fought in the main area.


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