BossTitan Keeper Hezrel
Image of Titan Keeper Hezrel
Gender Male
Race Titanic watcher (Mechanical)
Level ?? Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Nazmir, Zandalar
Status Deceased

Titan Keeper Hezrel was a titanic watcher who once watched over the Old God G'huun in Uldir, in Nazmir. Over time, he fell into misuse and was believed by the people of Nazmir to simply be an old statue.[1] During the Fourth War, Hezrel was reactivated, and through him the Zandalari Princess Talanji learned of the titan complex and what it contained, before she went to investigate it with the Gob Squad.[2]

Hezrel led the Horde forces into the Underrot to destroy the Unbound Abomination and contain G'huun's corruption. Though the mission was successful, he was slain by the Abomination.


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Objective of

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Massive corruption detected within Nazmir. Must enact containment.


After turning in all of H [25-50] Recovering Remnants, H [25-50] How to Repair a Titan Keeper and H [25-50] Corrupted Earth
Upgrading auxiliary systems. Please stand by...
Partial restoration successful. Must continue forward to repair containment for corruption.
Massive corruption surrounding nearby structure. Immediate action required.
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  • When first encountered, he is seen as Deactivated Titan Keeper.
  • In early Battle for Azeroth alpha, Hezrel was a boss encounter in Uldir.[3]


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