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Titanic watcher
Ironaya Keeper of Uldaman HS
Faction/Affiliation Pantheon, Old Gods' forces, Burning Legion, Amathet
Racial leader(s) The Keepers
Homeworld Azeroth, Argus, Elunaria, Ny'alotha
Language(s) Titan (presumed)

Titanic watchers[1][2][3][4][5] (also known as titan watchers,[6][7][8] watchers,[9][10] or sentinels)[11] are the first generation of titan-forged, resembling giant humanoids. Most of them would later be tasked with the protection of specific places. The titan-forged were divided into the aesir, made of metal and master of storms, and the vanir, made of stone and master of earth.[12] A few are also made of ivory. After they destroyed the Black Empire, they participated in the ordering of Azeroth along their brethren.

Of all the aesir and vanir, several were imbued by the Pantheon with their specific likenesses and powers to lead the titan-forged armies against the Black Empire. These nine would become known as the keepers and would later create most of their lesser brethren.[12]

Aedis, Tarneth and the dark keepers of Antorus are keepers separate from Azeroth's who have sided with Sargeras in his Burning Crusade.

The power of a titanic watcher lies in its core.[13]



Avatar of Freya

An Avatar of Freya in Northrend.

After Tyr helped five proto-dragons - Alexstrasza, Ysera, Nozdormu, Malygos and Neltharion - to combat the dread Galakrond in Northrend, the rest of the keepers except for Odyn approached them. Through them the titans of the Pantheon empowered the proto-dragons, transforming them into more elegant-looking and powerful beings, the first Dragon Aspects.[14]

The keepers of Ulduar served as Yogg-Saron's jailors after Prime Designate Odyn's disappearance, before falling prey to the corruption of the Old God. The primary watchers were freed from corruption, with the exception of Loken and Auriaya who were too far gone.

At least one, Freya, was shown to be able to leave an avatar of herself behind which would activate in times of need, the Avatar of Freya in Sholazar Basin.

Eastern Kingdoms[]

Uldaman, a vault made to protect the flesh-cursed Earthen as well as the Discs of Norgannon, was protected by Archaedas and Ironaya. A data construct, the Lore Keeper of Norgannon, presided over the hidden knowledge, including history of the earthen.

A titanic watcher, the Maiden of Virtue, appeared in Karazhan, obsessed with ridding adventurers of "impurity."


The titan facility of Uldum housed four watchers in the Halls of Origination: Ammunae, Isiset, Rajh and Setesh. Their function was to guard Uldum's mechanism of activating the reorigination process without the need of Algalon's Reply-Code Omega. These constructs wielded differing elemental powers.

While Akma'hat, an Uldum watcher, aided in the defense of the Halls of Origination, others were seen serving the Neferset tribe during N [30-35] Lieutenants of Darkness.

Nablya oversaw the titan area of experimentation, Un'Goro Crater, while the The Etymidian waited for its time of need.

The Amathet, a faction of tol'vir who believe only they can protect the works of the titans, have found a way to construct Watchers. They reassemble broken ones at the Tombs of the Precursors.[15]



Norushen, a titanic watcher in Pandaria.

The site where most of the remains of the Old God Y'Shaarj were buried, the land which would become known as Pandaria would see two watchers: Norushen, who guarded the Heart of Y'Shaarj, and Ra-den, who locked the Heart of Y'Shaarj away and oversaw the shaping of this land by the then-stone mogu.

Norushen would later aid the Horde and Alliance against the Sha of Pride before being slain by the sha. After Ra's disappearance, Lei Shen found and brutally defeated Ra-den and stole his powers, gaining some of his knowledge, and using it to unify Pandaria and its races under his iron fist, and becoming known as the Thunder King. Ra-den was imprisoned beneath the Throne of Thunder until adventurers freed him. After several years, Ra-den reappeared and helped to battle the forces of N'Zoth, saving the Chamber of Heart before being corrupted and put down by adventurers.

Broken Isles[]

Odyn, the Prime Designate of Azeroth, kept watch on Azeroth from the Halls of Valor, the afterlife for chosen vrykul warriors who die in glorious combat. These vrykul, brought to the Halls by val'kyr, become a part of Odyn's Valarjar army that has the goal of protecting Azeroth from all threats. However, a curse from Helya had trapped Odyn and the Valarjar within the Halls since their creation, until order hall leaders killed Helya, freeing the Valarjar from their curse.


Titan Keeper Hezrel maintains Uldir, but fell into misuse and was believed by the people of Nazmir to simply be an old statue. After being reactivated, he aids the Horde during the Nazmir storyline to stem the corruption of G'huun within Ulduir, eventually sacrificing himself.

MOTHER, another watcher of Uldir, also aids in G'huun's downfall. Later, she relocates to the Chamber of Heart at the behest of Speaker Magni Bronzebeard to better serve and protect Azeroth's world-soul.

Dragon Isles[]

Dragonflight cinematic - Watcher awakens

Watcher Koranos on the Dragon Isles.

Titan watchers have been keeping watch over the Dragon Isles for more than 10,000 years. Many of them died over time, including the Keeper in charge of Tyrhold.[16]

List of watchers[]


Main article: Keeper#Known


Notes and trivia[]

Ironband - Statue of Liberty

Titanic watcher Statue of Liberty.

  • The watchers once rode seekers. These feral creatures, infused with the Light by the titans, sped them to sites of corruption. Now only three remain.[17]
  • Some watchers seem to be mindless automatons, while others are more complex individuals capable of feeling emotions.
  • The terms "watcher" and "keeper" were at first primarily used as a prefix or title for the six main guardians around Ulduar, but other beings have since used the terms. Things classified as stone keepers and stone watchers seem to have been renamed keepers and watchers, and the terms made synonymous. Later, the terms were split again with keepers being greatly empowered titan-forged chosen by the Pantheon to lead the titanic armies and watch over Azeroth.
  • The models used for the generic watchers are called "titans" in the files but are used for titanic creations rather than actual titans.
  • The model used for watchers that look like Archaedas is called "stonekeeper" and he has been called this as a race name more than once.[24][25][26]
  • Statues exist of a male watcher acting as a pillar (such as by the Uldaman instance portal) and a female watcher holding a glowing orb.
  • There is a model of a titanic watcher statue that looks like the Statue of Liberty, at Ironband's Excavation Site. This was originally a Planet of the Apes reference located on the beach of Jaguero Isle.
  • Myzrael, despite being an earth elemental, uses the titanic watcher model in-game.
  • Fozruk is a mountain giant that is described as a stone watcher, but is not of the race.[27]
  • The Kao-Tien Titan, a giant mogu mob introduced in Battle for Azeroth, reuses Norushen's model.
  • During the patch 7.3.5 PTR, there were two more Burning Legion-affiliated titanic watchers: Balesh the Keeper of Fel and Nelal the Keeper of Shadow.


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