NeutralTo Ankhaten Harbor
Start Outrider Lashan
End Tracker Samara
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Uldum
Experience 8,950
Reputation +75 Uldum Accord
Rewards 11g 70s
Previous N [120] Search for Survivors
Next N [120] Burn the Bodies & N [120] Wastewander Hosts


Find Tracker Samara in Ankhaten Harbor.


I fear that I don't yet have the strength to ride out into the sands and face those monsters again.

Ride to the south and find Tracker Samara in the excavation camp formerly known as Schnottz's Landing.

Tell her to halt any caravans that plan to pass this way, lest others are ambushed and met with the same grisly fate.

We must get the word out across Uldum before our forces are further divided!


You will receive:


Orsis is lost you say!? This is truly worse than I feared.


  1. N [120] Word from Orsis
  2. N [120] Search for Survivors
  3. N [120] To Ankhaten Harbor
  4. N [120] Burn the Bodies & N [120] Wastewander Hosts
  5. N [120] Ruins of Ammon
  6. N [120] Tend the Wounded & N [120] Ruinator Xok'nixx & N [120] A Bit of Investigation
  7. N [120] Obelisk of the Sun
  8. N [120] All Gassed Up & N [120] Aqir Extermination
  9. N [120] To the Moon

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