NeutralTo Bridge Earth and Sky

Pei-Zhi opening the tan-chao
Start Pei-Zhi [44.2, 15.0]
End Automatic
Level 10-35
Category Jade Forest
Experience 138000
Rewards 9g 80s
Previous N [10-35] Back to Nature, N [10-35] A Humble Offering
Next N [10-35] Pei-Back


Protect Pei-Zhi during his ritual at the Terrace of Ten Thunders.


We are ready to open the tan-chao and guide all of these spirits back to peace.

If I may, I would have your assistance once more. The mogu will surely sense the ritual taking place and will do everything in their power to halt it. I need only a few moments without interference, and once the path is open it will surge too greatly to be closed.

If you are willing to help one more time, please accompany me to the ritual site.


You will receive:

  • 9g 80s
  • 110000 XP


<A simulacrum imbued with the ancient and powerful spirit of Pei-Zhi would make a horrifying weapon for the mogu. Shan Jitong must be stopped!>


Shan'ze Spiritclaw

On accept, Pei-Zhi will start running to the northwest:

Pei-Zhi says: There's an altar near by where I can conduct the ritual. Let's go!

At the altar:

Pei-Zhi says: Here we are... Keep them off me while I open the tan-chao, <name>!

A progress bar will appear, gaining 5% every few seconds. A Shan'ze Spiritclaw will appear every 15–20 seconds while Pei-Zhi conducts the ritual. Keep them off of him.

Pei-Zhi says: We are the lost. We know not who we are, or where we belong. We wander in darkness.
Pei-Zhi says: We see a flicker of flame. It seems far, but we know it to be close.
Pei-Zhi says: In the dancing glow, we see an empty bowl. We fill the bowl - it becomes our body. We rest.
Pei-Zhi says: We fear not the darkness of this world - we know it is but shadow, cast by the glorious world beyond.
Pei-Zhi says: We fear not the brilliance of the tan-chao - we know it is a path home. The bridge between earth and sky.
Pei-Zhi says: It is done!
The tan-chao, an orb of energy that has been steadily growing in size high above the altar, suddenly ignites like a star.

If Pei-Zhi is attacked during the ritual:

Pei-Zhi says: Get them off me! I need total concentration to open the tan-chao!
Pei-Zhi says: Help, <name>! I'm under attack!
Pei-Zhi says: I can't open the tan-chao while I'm under attack!

The quest completes automatically at this point, but the event continues...

Pei-Zhi says: Finally... we'll see an end to this torture.
Pei-Zhi says: I'll follow them soon, but first let me express my grati-

Shan Jitong claiming Pei-Zhi

Suddenly, a demon portal opens and Shan Jitong appears!
Shan Jitong yells: Spiritsage!!
Shan Jitong quickly lashes out a spell that Spirit Shackles Pei-Zhi.
Shan Jitong says: I told you I'd have you, Pei-Zhi. You've set us back thousands of spirits today, but I'd glady trade them all to see you bound.
Shan Jitong says: As for YOU, little <class>.
Shan Jitong says: It's no use sending more claws to die at your feet. Instead, I'll leave you this warning...
Shan Jitong says: Run away and don't look back. Even you cannot hope to face the product of my next spirit-binding.
Jitong turns and enters the portal. The Spirit Shackle spell drags the helpless Pei-Zhi through the portal, which then closes behind him.


  1. N [10-35] The Sprites' Plight
  2. N [10-35] Break the Cycle & N [10-35] Simulacrumble
  3. N [10-35] An Urgent Plea
  4. N [10-35] Ritual Artifacts & N [10-35] Vessels of the Spirit & N [10-35] The Wayward Dead
  5. N [10-35] Back to Nature & N [10-35] A Humble Offering
  6. N [10-35] To Bridge Earth and Sky
  7. N [10-35] Pei-Back

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