NeutralTo Fel and Back
Start Matron Mother Malevolence
End Matron Mother Malevolence
Level 45 (Requires 45)
Category Demon Hunter Campaign
Rewards [Slayer's Felbroken Shrieker]
19g 40s
Previous N Demon hunter [45] Livin' on the Ledge


Speak with Kyra Lightblade to secure a ride to Felwing Ledge. Then complete the Felwing Ledge scenario.

  • Speak with Kyra Lightblade
  • Complete the Felwing Ledge Scenario
  • Return to The Fel Hammer


Mardum has its fair share of secrets, one of which we found not too long after we took control of the Fel Hammer. It's a breeding ground of sorts, festering with fel bats.

We've been capturing the pups and trying to train them up for our efforts against the Legion.

But the other day, we caught an even greater prize, something worthy of your position, Slayer.

Speak with Kyra and she'll provide you a ride to the ledge.


You will learn: [Slayer's Felbroken Shrieker]

You will also receive: 19g 40s


Never would I have thought an adult fel bat could be tamed, but your efforts seemed to have prove otherwise. This is a promising revelation for us.

But for now, let all see what you have accomplished.


Kyra Lightblade
Gossip I need passage to Felwing Ledge.

Stage 1: Speak with Matron Mother Malevolence

Speak with Matron Mother Malevolence.
  • Speak with Matron Mother Malevolence
Yrdris Lightblade says: Welcome to Felwing Ledge, Slayer <name>. The Matron Mother is waiting for you down in the training area, just west of here.

Matron Mother Malevolence is west of where you land.

Welcome, Slayer <name>, to the breeding grounds of the fel bats. We've captured a fine specimen for you to bond with today.
Just inform me when you're ready to see it.
Gossip I'm ready, Matron Mother.

Stage 2: Bat-Breaking

Fight with Lixahl until it submits to you.
Matron Mother Malevolence yells: Illidari! Bring out the beast!
Matron Mother Malevolence says: A few days ago, this fel bat attacked our camp. It's a rare treat to capture a mature specimen, so I insisted it be restrained rather than destroyed.
Matron Mother Malevolence says: Taming such a willful beast requires a show of dominance. That is, of course, my specialty... but in this case, I suggest simply pummeling it into submission.
Lixahl turns from unfriendly to hostile and approaches the center of the area, while the Illidari Bat Handlers walk away.

Get behind Lixahl when she channels her frontal AoE and stay out of the green liquid she spews onto the ground.

Stage 3: The Scent of Blood

Track Lixahl's blood until you find it. You can use your Spectral Sight to assist with the tracking.
  • Track Lixahl
The felbat retreats.
Matron Mother Malevolence yells: Quickly, bind the creature!
Matron Mother Malevolence says: My apologies, Slayer, it seems to have escaped. Ah, but see here? A trail of blood. How convenient!
Matron Mother Malevolence says: Tracking it should be simple, thanks to your demon sight. But if it's run off to the breeding grounds, I fear you may have some trouble bringing it back. Bats can be such... spirited creatures.

Follow the trail of fel blood to locate Lixahl. (You can use your [Spectral Sight] if you have trouble finding the trail.) Be ready to fight your way through some packs of trash mobs while on the hunt.

Stage 4: A Strong Will

Once again, attempt to fight with Lixahl until it submits to you.
  • Attempt to Subdue Lixahl Once More

Focus on Lixahl, as the two minor mobs nearby will quickly die anyway to your AoE abilities.

Stage 5: You Can Run...

Continue to track the trail of blood Lixahl left behind. Remember that your spectral Sight can be utilized to help with this endeavor.
  • Continue Tracking Lixahl
Lixahl retreats again.

Follow the new trail of blood.

Stage 6: Leap of Faith

Jump and glide to your prey.

From the rock outcropping towards the edge of the ledge, jump and activate Glide to land on Lixahl's back. The player has the Gripped debuff.

Stage 7: Fel Dominance

Finish subduing Lixahl until it submits.
  • Lixahl Subdued
Lixahl flies to the ledge and ejects the demon hunter adventurer from her back.

Continue fighting until Lixahl submits and becomes friendly.

Final Stage: The Slayer's Steed

Ride Luxahl back to the demon hunter camp.
  • Ride Lixahl

Having subdued Lixahl, jump onto the felbat to return to Matron Mother Malevolence.

Matron Mother Malevolence says: I see you've tamed the beast, Slayer <name>. Congratulations are in order, my dear!
Matron Mother Malevolence says: Allow us to make the creature presentable so that it may be conferred to you at the Fel Hammer. Speak with Yrdris and he'll see you back to the ship.

Click on Yrdris Lightblade to put the player on a Fel Bat that flies you to back to the Fel Hammer.

Upon completion, a short cutscene plays out. The Slayer approaches Lixahl and the gathered Illidari. Lixahl roars and looks at the Slayer who mounts it, as the familiar Illidari faces cheer. Interestingly, several man'ari eredar can be seen among the Illidari.


  1. N Demon hunter [45] Livin' on the Ledge
  2. N Demon hunter [45] To Fel and Back

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