To Hellscream's Watch

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HordeTo Hellscream's Watch
Start Commander Grimfang
End Captain Goggath
Level 7-30 (Requires 7)
Experience 175
Reputation 10 Warsong Offensive
Rewards 1s 50c


Speak to Captain Goggath at Hellscream's Watch.


Into the fray with you, <race>!

Hellscream's Watch is one of our most contentious fronts in Ashenvale. The experience should serve you well... assuming you survive.

When you've made ready, speak with Andruk. I've arranged for him to transport you directly to your station.

Once you've arrived, seek out Captain Goggath. He will guide you further.

Bring pain and death to our enemies! For the Horde!


You come here as a child, <race>.

You shall leave here a battle-hardened <class> of the Horde!

That, or a corpse....


After accepting the quest, speak to the flight master Andruk:

Where would you like to fly to?
Gossip Grimfang has ordered me to Hellscream's Watch.


Mor'shan Rampart

Splintertree Post

Zoram Strand

Hellscream's Watch

After H [7-30] Blastranaar! is turned in:

Silverwind Refuge

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