To Tame a Land
Location Durotar
  • Defeat of the Humans in Durotar
  • Orc outpost village destroyed
  • Echo Isles attacked and occupied
Commanders and leaders



Kul Tiras

Casualties and losses


  • Heavy

Kul Tiras

  • Heavy
Next Old Hatreds
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

To Tame a Land is the first act of the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne campaign The Founding of Durotar. The following act is Old Hatreds.


Mok'nathal Rexxar and his bear companion Misha spend a peaceful life in Kalimdor, watching the different wars that scar the land. After failing to rescue the orcish messenger Mogrin, Rexxar meets the orcs, their leader warchief Thrall and discovers the recently founded kingdom of Durotar. Thrall is thankful for restoring Mogrin’s honor and offers Rexxar his hospitality. Rexxar declines and offers his aid to the orcs, specifically Nazgrel, Drek'Thar and Gazlowe.

In the northern part of Durotar, Rexxar meets the pandaren bremaster Chen Stormstout, who requires ingredients for a new brew. After bringing him the required ingredients, he joins Rexxar’s party.

While solving minor problems, Rexxar discovers that a force of humans established a base at the coast of Kalimdor. Thrall does not want to harm the humans, due to a pact he sealed with Jaina Proudmoore, but allows Rexxar to take action if they're hostile. In the mean time, the humans destroy the orc outpost. Thrall sends Rexxar to the Echo Isles, to convince the inhabitant Darkspear trolls to flee for the fleet of the humans. The leader of the trolls Vol'jin agrees, after Rexxar aided them in the defense of the isles.

While Rexxar returns to Orgrimmar, Thrall receives a message for an appointment with a human messenger. Rexxar insists to go instead, because he suspects a trap. When Rexxar arrives at the meeting point, he is confronted with an army of humans that seek to capture Thrall. The confused Thrall sends Rexxar to the new established outpost of the Darkspear trolls, to meet with Jaina Proudmoore and ask for an explanation.


Beside the main map of the region around Orgrimmar in Durotar, the first act consists of five different submaps:

Loading screen

In the months following the Battle of Mount Hyjal, Warchief Thrall led the Horde back into the central Barrens of Kalimdor. Freed at last from generations of demonic corruption, the orcs looked forward to building a new homeland for themselves in Kalimdor. They settled in a harsh, rugged land near the Barrens' eastern shore. Thrall named the new nation Durotar--in honor of his heroic father.


Main Quests

Availablequest BTNGrunt.png Dying Wish

  • Deliver Mogrin's Report to Thrall

For the sake of honor, you must complete Mogrin's final task. Seek out the city of Orgrimmar and deliver Mogrin's Report to the Orc warchief, Thrall.

Availablequest BTNThrall.png Earning Your Keep

  • Solve Gazlowe's problem
  • Complete Drek'Thar's task
  • Complete Nazgrel's assignment
  • Return to Thrall

To repay Thrall's hospitality, you have offered your services to the warchief. Fortunately, there is plenty of work for someone with your talents. Talk to Nazgrel, Drek'Thar, and Gazlowe, and help them complete their tasks.

Availablequest BTNHarpyWitch.png Harpy Threat

  • Kill Bloodfeather
  • Return to Nazgrel
  • Visit the armory for your reward

Nazgrel has informed you that the vile Harpies are ransacking the Horde's supply carvans. He wants you to put an end to their threat by killing the Harpy leader, Bloodfeather.

Availablequest BTNKoboldGeomancer.png Seal the Tunnel

  • Enter the Goblin tunnels beneath Orgrimmar
  • Destroy the Support Columns
  • Report your success to Gazlowe

Gazlowe's efforts to secure a reliable water source for Orgrimmar have hit a snag. The Goblin mining teams have accidentally tunneled into a Kobold den. This opening must be sealed before the Kobolds can cause any serious damage.

Availablequest BTNShimmerWeed.png Thunder Herb

  • Collect six Shimmerweed herbs (6 Collected)
  • Return to Drek'Thar

Drek'Thar has sent you to Thunder Ridge to collect 6 Shimmerweed herbs for a potion he is brewing. The normally docile Thunder Lizards have shown unprecedented hostility lately, making your fighting abilities a necessity for the herbs' retrieval.

Availablequest BTNOrcTower.png Survey the Border

  • Speak with Gar'thok at the watch post
  • Follow the tunnel through the Beast Den
  • Reach the Observatory
  • Return to Thrall

Nazgrel is suspicious of the Humans who are appearing near Durotar's borders, and has asked you to meet with his lieutenant, Gar'thok, at the outlying watch post. Report any strange Human military activity directly to Thrall.

Availablequest BTNOrcTower.png Protect the Border

  • Return to the watch post
  • Track the Humans back to their base
  • Slaughter the Human encampment
  • Return to Thrall

Thrall has ordered you to return to the watch post with Nazgrel and maintain surveillance on the Humans. Thrall does not wish the situation to escalate out of control, but if the Humans attack, then they are to be neutralized.

Availablequest BTNOrcTower.png Warn the Trolls

  • Take the Zeppelin to the Echo Isles
  • Meet up with Vol'jin

The Human fleet poses a serious threat to the Darkspear Trolls on the Echo Isles. Thrall asks that you warn them of the immediate danger posed by the reckless Humans.

Availablequest BTNTrollBatRider.png Sink the Fleet

  • Destroy the Human Battleships (5 Destroyed)
  • Return to Vol'jin

Before the Darkspear tribe can safely evacuate the Echo Isles, the Human Battleships bombarding its villages must be destroyed. Lead the Troll Batriders in a strike against the Human Navy.

Availablequest BTNFarSight.png The Signal Pyres

  • Light the Signal Braziers (5 Lit)
  • Return to Thrall

Now that the Human fleet has been driven back, the Darkspear tribe is ready to set sail for the mainland. Five Signal Braziers have been placed across the island, and you must light each one to signal the evacuation's commencement.

Availablequest BTNBanditSpearThrower.png The Summit

  • Travel to Razor Hill
  • Kill the Human assassins
  • Return to Thrall with news of the treachery

The Humans have offered to meet with the Orc warchief, but you are suspicious of their motives. Go to the meeting in Thrall's place and sniff out any traps to protect Thrall from harm.

Optional Quests

Availablequest BTNPandarenBrewmaster.png Strange Brew

  • Obtain a Keg of Thunderwater
  • Obtain a Thunderbloom Bulb
  • Obtain a Thunder Phoenix Egg
  • Return to Chen Stormstout

A wandering Pandaren Brewmaster by the name of Chen Stormstout is seeking rare, exotic ingredients for a special brew. Locate the special ingredients for the Brewmaster, and he will let you sample his masterpiece!

Availablequest BTNChaosWarlockGreen.png Warlock Coven

  • Slay the Warlock coven
  • Recover the Sacred Relic
  • Return to Morg Wolfsong

A group of renegade Orc Warlocks--still loyal to the Burning Legion--has ambushed a caravan of Shaman and stolen their Sacred Relic. Avenge the fallen Shaman by destroying the Warlocks' secret coven and recovering the stolen artifact.

Availablequest BTNRazorback.png Slay the Quillboars

  • Locate the Beast Den
  • Slay all of the Quillboars

The path to the Observatory leads through a verdant underground grotto. Its winding caves teem with wildlife, including a local tribe of Quillboars. Recently, these beasts have begun ambushing Orc patrols that travel between the watch post and the Observatory. Slay all of the Quillboars to eliminate this threat.

Availablequest BTNThunderLizard.png Thunder Lizards

  • Discover the cause of the Lizard migration
  • Destroy the rampaging Thunder Lizards
  • Report the Human sighting to Thrall

Investigate Thunder Ridge with Drek'Thar to determine what has agitated the Thunder Lizards and caused them to migrate out of the valley.

Availablequest BTNThunderLizardEgg.png Collect Lizard Eggs

  • Collect Thunder Lizard Eggs (3 Collected)

Drek'Thar would like the chance to study the Thunder Lizards' ecology. Collect three Thunder Lizard Eggs for his research efforts.



Rexxar and Misha look out over Durotar from atop a hill.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: I have wandered alone for many years, little Misha. Yet sometimes, even I grow weary of this endless solitude.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: I have watched the other races. I have seen their squabbling, their ruthlessness. Their wars do nothing but scar the land and drive the wild things to extinction.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: No, they cannot be trusted. Only beasts are above deceit.
Rexxar and Misha suddenly hear the clash of weapons from a nearby battle.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: A battle!
Rexxar sees Mogrin fighting a pack of quilboars.
BTNGrunt.png Mogrin: Come, you mongrels! Taste the steel of Mogrin's axe!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Hold fast, stranger! You shall not stand alone!
Rexxar joins the fray to help the stranger. However, the quilboars manage to mortally wound Mogrin before running away.
BTNGrunt.png Mogrin: Damned... cowards.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Your stomach's been split open. I can do little to ease your pain.
BTNGrunt.png Mogrin: I know. This... would be a good death, if not for my failure.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Failure?
BTNGrunt.png Mogrin: I was to deliver... a crucial report... to my chieftain in the lands below. But now...
BTNGrunt.png Mogrin: I have... failed him. I have lost my... honor.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: I will deliver your message, old one. For the sake of honor, I will uphold your charge.
BTNGrunt.png Mogrin: Aka'magosh, warrior. Thank you. Seek out the city... of Orgrimmar. Find... Warchief... Thrall. Tell him--
Mogrin gasps and dies peacefully.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: May the winds bear you swiftly to your ancestors, warrior.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Well, Misha, it seems we'll be seeing civilization after all. Let's get moving.

Main Quests

Dying Wish

BTNGrunt.png Grunt: You've got the look of an ogre, halfbreed. What's your business here?
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: I carry a message for your warchief. I'll not stay long.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: A warrior city. I have not seen its like in many years.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Stay close to me, Misha.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: Shore up those supports! When the razorwinds kick in again, they'll tear those roofs right off!
BTNPeon.png Peon: Yes, Warchief!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: A moment, Warchief. I come to deliver a message.
Thrall approaches the half-breed.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: How did you come by this report? Where is Mogrin?
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: He fell in the wilds. His last wish was that you receive this message.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: Who are you, warrior?
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: I am Rexxar, last son of the Mok'Nathal.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: Mok'Nathal. I've heard tales of your people. They had both orc and ogre blood in their veins. It is an honor. We've built this kingdom--Durotar--for all our kind. Durotar is as much your home as it is mine, Rexxar. Stay awhile. Accept what hospitality we can offer. It is the least we could do.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Perhaps I have spent too long in the wilds. Your offer is kind, Thrall, but I must carry my own weight. Just show me what needs doing, and I'll earn my keep.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: I understand. Founding a nation is tiresome work, and there are many around here that could use your help. Simply talk to them, and they will point you to the right direction.
A troll is called upon by his warchief.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: This is Rokhan of the Darkspear tribe. He is one of my best scouts.
IconSmall Rokhan.gif Rokhan: How you doin', mon?
Rokhan - Hailing from the Darkspear tribe on the Echo Isles, this Troll tracker is Thrall's best scout and will serve as a loyal companion to Rexxar.

Earning Your Keep

BTNGoblinSapper.png Engineer Gazlowe: Ah, new guy, huh? I'm Gazlowe, chief engineer around these parts. But enough about me. We got work to do, buddy!
BTNGoblinSapper.png Engineer Gazlowe: You see, me and my boys have been dredging out tunnels beneath the city, looking for underground wells. Problem is, we dug straight into a den of kobolds. Now those rat-freaks are running willy-nilly all over our tunnels!
BTNGoblinSapper.png Engineer Gazlowe: I need you to hook up with my boys and seal those kobolds back in their hole. Yeah, just find the tunnel entrance outside of town, and my boys will see you straight.
BTNHeroFarseer.png Drek'Thar: Ah, you're one of the Mok'Nathal! I am Drek'Thar. I fought alongside your elders on Draenor many years ago. Still, if you've come to help, I do have a simple task for you.
BTNHeroFarseer.png Drek'Thar: I've been concocting a special potion that will aid our warriors in battle. However, I'm missing a key ingredient. I require  [Shimmerweed], but the rare herb can only by found in the valley known as Thunder Ridge.
BTNHeroFarseer.png Drek'Thar: Normally, I would gather the herbs myself, but the thunder lizards, for whom the valley is named, have become increasingly hostile of late. If you retrieve six bushels for me, I will reward you handsomely.
BTNRaider.png Nazgrel: Greetings, warrior. I am Nazgrel, captain of the warchief's security force. We've been having problems with the indigenous creatures attacking our borders. Perhaps you can help?
BTNRaider.png Nazgrel: The harpies of the northern foothills have been ransacking our supply caravans for weeks. If you can find their lair and put an end to their rampage, I'll see to it that you're rewarded.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: Ah, throm-ka, Rexxar. The others tell me you've been a great help to them. I appreciate all you've done for us.
While Thrall is speaking, Nazgrel rides up to the pair.
BTNRaider.png Nazgrel: Throm-Ka, Rexxar. I spoke to Thrall about the humans encroaching on our lands. I, for one, don't trust them at all. I'd like you to report to our outlying watch post and meet with my lieutenant, Gar'thok. I need to know if they've spotted any suspicious activity along the border.

Seal the Tunnel

BTNGoblinSapper.png Engineer Gazlowe: Hey, c'mon, pal. I'm not paying ya by the hour.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: You are not paying me at all, little goblin.
BTNGoblinSapper.png Sapper: Wow, you're a big one! Gazlowe said he'd be sending some muscle.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Do you goblins have a plan?
BTNGoblinSapper.png Sapper: Of course! If you can get us close enough to the tunnel's support beams, we'll blast them to smithereens. That should collapse the ceiling on top of those rats and fix our problem up real nice.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: This must be one of the support beams. It's all yours, goblins!
BTNGoblinSapper.png Engineer Gazlowe: So they blew themselves up, you say? Now that's occupational commitment! Anyway, ya done good, kid. Take these items. It's the least I can do to repay ya.

Thunder Herb

BTNHeroFarseer.png Drek'Thar: Back so soon? Were the thunder lizards too much for you, lad?
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Thunder Ridge. This must be the valley Drek'Thar spoke of. This shouldn't be too difficult.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: This must be the shimmerweed. I'll need to gather five more bushels.
BTNHeroFarseer.png Drek'Thar: Hmm. It sounds like something or someone is riling up those lizards. I'll look into it myself. Well, at least my potion is complete. Here, take a few vials of it! It'll serve you well.

Harpy Threat

BTNRaider.png Nazgrel: Time is short, warrior. You must destroy the harpies before they attack another caravan!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: This must be one of the caravans Nazgrel told me about.
IconSmall Harpy.gif Bloodfeather: It was foolish of you to come here. We are not afraid of you orcs. We won't let you chase us out of our lands!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: I never intended to chase you out. I intend to bury you here.
BTNRaider.png Nazgrel: Ah, the caravans are safe at last! You've done well, warrior. The Horde owes you a great debt. Go to the armory down the way, and tell them I sent you. They'll give you a choice of exotic items.

Survey the Border

BTNGrunt.png Gar'thok: Throm-Ka, warrior. We haven't seen any signs of human activity, but the local quillboars have been getting bolder. There is an observatory nearby that helps us spot potential threats. You might want to check it out. But be warned, the quillboars roam the entire area. Gol'kosh! If only there was a way to root them out, we could end their threat once and for all!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: It appears that they worship some kind of primitive boar god. Interesting.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Now I can activate the telescope and survey the surrounding lands.
Upon using the telescope to peer at the coast, Rexxar sees a large force of human ships and soldiers.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Blast! It looks like the beginning of an invasion! There's far too many of them for me to handle alone.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: Looking for Drek'Thar? Before he left, he said something about investigating the lizards out near Thunder Ridge. If you hurry, you might catch up to him.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: Are you certain of what you saw, Rexxar? I can't imagine that Jaina would send troops so close to our border. This does not bode well at all. Pact or no pact, I won't allow anything to jeopardize the security of our nation.
Nazgrel rides up to Thrall.
BTNRaider.png Nazgrel: I heard about the human ships, Warchief. What are your orders?
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: I want you both to head back to that watch post and keep an eye on the humans. We can't let this situation escalate out of control.
BTNRaider.png Nazgrel: What if they're hostile, Warchief?
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: I'd prefer that the humans remain unharmed. But, if they prove hostile in any way, you have my permission to slaughter them.
Nazgrel - Captain of the Orgrimmar security forces, this grizzled Wolf Rider has an eager glint in his eye at the thought of battle. Thrall has asked him to aid Rexxar in the task of defending Durotar from its enemies.

Protect the Border

IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: No! We're too late. The camp's already razed! There are humans tracks everywhere. They lead back towards the coast.
BTNRaider.png Nazgrel: The human scum will pay dearly for this! Blood for blood. Life for life. Lok-Tar Ogar!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: This anchor emblem on their shields... have you ever seen it before?
BTNFootman.png Footman: Orcs! We've been followed! To arms, men! To arms!
BTNRaider.png Nazgrel: Come, human dogs! Taste the wrath of the Horde!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: No doubt about it: those are the same ships I saw from the observatory.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: You did all you could, my warriors. Above all else, you kept Durotar safe. Yet, this anchor sigil you describe does seen oddly familiar. I just can't place it.
IconSmall Rokhan.gif Rokhan: Pardon, boss-man, but if the humans be comin' from the sea, my tribe on the Echo Isles could be deep in the danger, too!
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: Don't worry, Rokhan. You have my word that I won't let anything happen to your people.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: I have an urgent mission for you, Rexxar. That human fleet poses a serious threat to the trolls that live on the Echo Isles. I need you to take a zeppelin to the isles and warn the trolls about what's happening. If you can, try to convince them to join us on the mainland.

Warn the Trolls

IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: There's no telling what dangers lurk on these isles. I'll have to move quickly and find the trolls' village!
BTNWitchDoctor.png Vol'jin: I be Vol'jin, leader of the Darkspear tribe. It be good that the warchief sent you when he did, mon. Our villages already be under attack by the human fleet! We got no time to waste.
BTNWitchDoctor.png Vol'jin: Even now, the humans' battleships be blastin' away at our coastal villages!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: You have little chance of defeating such a force on your own, Vol'jin. You should evacuate your tribe to the mainland and unite with the warchief's forces.
BTNWitchDoctor.png Vol'jin: Though I hate to be abandonin' our homes, your plan be a wise one. However, we got to destroy those battleships before the evacuation begins.
A group of troll batriders arrive.
BTNWitchDoctor.png Vol'jin: These wily ones will serve you well, mon. Their talent for destruction be mighty.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: We have no flying mounts, Vol'jin. We'll be useless on land.
BTNWitchDoctor.png Vol'jin: Won't be a problem, mon. Now, this be feelin' a bit strange...
Vol'jin casts a spell that turns Rexxar and his companions into spirit wyverns.
BTNWitchDoctor.png Vol'jin: Whenever you want get your legs back, just land in the ritual circle. Remember, you must destroy at least five of the humans' ships before we can commence with the evacuation.

Sink the Fleet

BTNWitchDoctor.png Vol'jin: Well done, mon. You saved my tribesmen. The outer villages be ready for the evacuation. They await only the signal to begin.
BTNWitchDoctor.png Vol'jin: In order to signal the evacuation, you gotta light the five signal braziers scattered across the islands. When you done, the rest of my tribe will set sail for the mainland. But be careful, mon--there be more dangerous foes than humans prowling the jungle.

The Signal Pyres

IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Damn. The brazier is guarded by some kind of sea giant. Getting to it won't be as easy as I thought.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: That vile creature stands in my way!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Whoa, he's a big one! I'm in for a serious fight!
BTNWitchDoctor.png Vol'jin: You gotta hurry, mon! The human fleet be drawing near!
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: I'm glad you returned safely, Rexxar. You've done well. My scouts have informed me that the Darkspear trolls have landed further down the coast. They'll be much safer under the Horde's protection.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: Still, the situation with the humans has intensified. I've received word that they're sending an emissary to parley with me. We're to meet at Razor Hill around midnight.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: I don't know, Thrall. It sounds like a trap to me. Let me go in your place.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: I can't imagine that Jaina Proudmoore would ever set me up, Rexxar. Even so, I'm not one to run from a fight.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Just trust me, Thrall. If you're right, we'll have lost nothing.

The Summit

IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: This is it. The meeting place lies just beyond.
The emissary group arrives.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Greetings, humans. It's about time you showed up.
BTNPriest.png Emissary: What is the meaning of this? This... ogre cannot be the orc warchief!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: And you are not Jaina Proudmoore.
BTNPriest.png Emissary: Jaina? Why would you think she would be... bah! Enough of this drivel! We'd hoped to corner your wretched warchief, but you will have to suffice! Strike!
It's a trap—a large number of human troops suddenly arrive and surround Rexxar!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Assassins! I knew this was a trap!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Tell me who sent you, human! Was it Jaina?
BTNPriest.png Emissary: Foolish beast... you have no idea... what's coming for you. It is only... just beginning.

Optional Quests

Warlock Coven

BTNShaman.png Morg Wolfsong: Listen, stranger... for my time is short. We shaman were attacked... by a band of renegade warlocks--our own kin, still loyal... to the Burning Legion.
BTNShaman.png Morg Wolfsong: The warlocks stole... one of our sacred artifacts... then fled back into the hills. No doubt... they have a secret coven nearby. Avenge the ghosts of my murdered brethren... and recover the stolen artifact. There's no telling... what evil they might unleash with... its power.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: This place reeks of evil. It must be where the warlocks are hiding.
BTNChaosWarlockGreen.png Warlock: An outsider! Slay him, brothers, quickly!
BTNShaman.png Morg Wolfsong: The ghosts of my brethren... now lie silent. Thank you, warrior. You have rid the world... of a terrible evil. I feel my death... approaching.
BTNShaman.png Morg Wolfsong: Take the artifact... and the rest of our items. Use them to bring glory to the Horde. I will rest easier... knowing that they lie... in honorable hands.
Morg dies.

Thunder Lizards

BTNHeroFarseer.png Drek'Thar: Ah, Rexxar, I'm glad you're here. I've been studying the thunder lizards for some time. The creatures almost never leave this valley, but lately they've been migrating out in great numbers. As you've seen, they've also become highly aggressive.
BTNHeroFarseer.png Drek'Thar: Something must be riling them up. Let's investigate the ridge and see if we can find any clues. Oh, and if you find any of their eggs, I'd love to study them.
Drek'Thar - Although powerful in his mastery of elemental forces, Drek'Thar respects Rexxar's knowledge of the local beasts and habitats, and will defer to him while exploring Thunder Ridge. He seems eager to unravel the mystery of this majestic valley.
BTNFootman.png Footman: Look, more orcs! Our intelligence was right. We'd best head back to base and report!
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Humans? What could they be doing here?
BTNHeroFarseer.png Drek'Thar: We allied with the humans at the Battle of Mount Hyjal. Our two races have been at peace ever since. Still, it's strange that they would venture so far into our lands.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: A human lumber mill! They've cut down all of the trees! That's got to be what's driving the thunder lizards mad. We should destroy the mill immediately!
BTNHeroFarseer.png Drek'Thar: No. Our warchief signed a non-aggression pact with the humans. Destroying their holdings could lead us to open war. For now we must put the raging lizards down before they cause any more harm. We'll have to deal with the humans later.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: The poor beasts have been slain. What a terrible waste of life. We should report back to Thrall. He'll need to know what the humans are doing out here.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: You say the humans were deforesting Thunder Ridge? What could Jaina be thinking? It's not like her to be so reckless. I'll look into this matter, Rexxar. You have my word.

Collect Lizard Eggs

BTNHeroFarseer.png Drek'Thar: Ah, well done, lad. Studying these eggs will help me understand the thunder lizards' ecology. They could be the key to ensuring that nothing like this ever happens again.

Strange Brew

IconSmall Chen.gif Chen Stormstout: Ah, greetings, my friend. I am Chen Stormstout, humble brewmaster of Pandaria. I have traveled the wide world searching for rare, exotic ingredients to use in my special brew! After all, good ale can solve all the problems of this world, don't you agree?
IconSmall Chen.gif Chen Stormstout: Say, if you're free, I could use your help in locating some special ingredients for my latest brew! If you find the items on this list and bring them back to me, I'll let you sample my masterpiece!
IconSmall Chen.gif Chen Stormstout: Ah, I see you've returned empty-handed. Don't be afraid, my friend. Strong ale should be nothing to fear for one of your size!
IconSmall Chen.gif Chen Stormstout: Perfect, perfect! These are just what I needed! Here, try a sample of my latest creation.
Rexxar drinks the ale and spits it out.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: What the hell is that stuff? Are you trying to kill me?
IconSmall Chen.gif Chen Stormstout: Ah, perhaps it needs some refinement. After all, we must learn to crawl before we can run, don't you agree? Well, now that my brew is complete, I can experience more of this strange, rugged land. Would you mind if I tagged along with you, warrior?
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: Not at all, Chen. But my path is a perilous one.
IconSmall Chen.gif Chen Stormstout: Ah, my friend. I've found no path is too perilous when doused with strong drink. Off we go!
Chen Stormstout - This hearty wanderer needs nothing but a mug of good ale in his hand and a loyal friend by his side. He is eager to accompany Rexxar on his journey, anticipating future opportunities to brew the spirits of which he is so fond.

Closing Act

IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: You were right, Rexxar. I should have trusted your instincts. Still, I can't believe Jaina would try something like this. Perhaps it's time we took a more direct approach.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: Rexxar, I've written a letter to Jaina Proudmoore asking her to account for all this madness. I want you to infiltrate her base on Theramore Isle and deliver it to her personally.
IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: You can count on me, Thrall. But, I may need help bypassing the humans' defenses.
A zeppelin appears.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: I've chartered this zeppelin to take you to the Darkspear tribe's new village. Once you get there, Vol'jin will that you get all the help you'll need.
IconSmall Thrall.gif Thrall: Good luck, Rexxar. The future of Durotar is in your hands.
Rexxar and his companions board the zeppelin and depart. Thrall watches as the aircraft flies off into the distance.
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Unused quotes

IconSmall Rexxar.gif Rexxar: These tracks indicate that the lizards came through this pass... I'm curious as to where it leads.


Kul Tiras


  • "To Tame a Land" is a reference to a song with the same name by Iron Maiden.
  • An Orc Chaman can be won after Rexxar and Rokhan free him from Centaurs, (on the path to accomplish Drek'Thar's mission), only for this Chapter.
WC3Reforged-icon.png This section concerns content related to Warcraft III: Reforged.
  • In Reforged, the canyon that Rexxar observes at the beginning of the mission shows signs of struggles and contains corpses and gear.
  • Orgrimmar's entrances received a slight overhaul, adding gates and peons working on them.
  • Thrall's throne in front of Orgrimmar Fortress has been moved behind Thrall, barring the path.
  • A grunt has been placed in front of Thrall.
  • Thrall uses a different model where he doesn't ride a wolf.
  • The two guards accompanying the Kul Tiran emissary are blood elves.

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