AllianceTo Weather the Storm
Start Commander Lorna Crowley
End Commander Lorna Crowley
Level 10-45
Category Stormheim
Experience 14,800
Reputation +150 Valarjar

 [Galeborn's Oiled Cloak]
or  [Lodestone of the Mystic]
or  [Lodestone of the Galeborn]

or  [Lodestone of the Stormbreaker]
19g 40s
Previous A [10-45] A Grapple a Day
Next A [10-45] Impalement Insurance
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [10-45] To Weather the Storm.


Collect Climbing Treads, an Oiled Cloak, and an Enchanted Lodestone from Hrydshal.


I've been doing some nosing around, and it looks like these vrykul are making regular trips up the mountain themselves. They've got some specialized gear for it, so while we're here we should take some.

I'd recommend finding some climbing treads to keep your grip on the slopes, as well as an oiled cloak to keep the rain out. Also, it looks like they carry enchanted lodestones, which seem to keep the lightning at bay. You should probably grab one of those, too.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv cape legionquest100 b 01.png [Galeborn's Oiled Cloak] Item alchemiststone.png [Lodestone of the Mystic]
Item alchemiststonec.png [Lodestone of the Galeborn] Item alchemiststoneb.png [Lodestone of the Stormbreaker]

You will also receive:

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.
Inv cape pandaria b 02.png [Longaxe's Oiled Cloak] Inv cape pandaria b 02.png [Shieldbearer's Oiled Cloak]


Did you find everything?


Excellent. These should do well to protect you from the storm.


On accept of both
Commander Lorna Crowley says: The grapple point is on the top of the wall over there. Follow me!
On approach
Commander Lorna Crowley says: Champion, over here! Quick, before the drakes catch your scent!


  1. B [10-45] Will of the Thorignir
  2. B [10-45] A Grapple a Day
  3. B [10-45] No Wings Required & B [10-45] To Weather the Storm
  4. B [10-45] Impalement Insurance
  5. B [10-45] Another Way
  6. B [10-45] Above the Winter Moonlight
  7. Complete all of:
  8. N [10-45] Where Dragons Rule
  9. N [10-45] Cry Thunder!

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